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Corporate Information
President's Message

The age of broadband is upon us, and Zoom is ready.

We are ready with a line of advanced cable and DSL modems, and with wireless and other networking products that make it easy for people to use and share their broadband link to the Internet.

We are ready with a thorough commitment to a broad line of high-volume Internet access products so we can meet the needs of our customers, both end-users and channel partners.

We are ready with “voice over IP” products to provide better, lower cost voice services by coupling our VoIP hardware and services to the power of the Internet.

We are ready with our highly respected Zoom, Hayes, and Global Village brands.

We are ready with powerful channel partners. Zoom's network of retailers, value-added resellers, Internet service providers, and distributors will be important allies in educating, supplying, and supporting customers for our products.

We are ready with strong supplier relationships, with ties to the leading suppliers of advanced communications integrated circuits, and to efficient high-volume production facilities in Asia and North America.

Most important, we are ready with a team of skilled Zoom employees who enjoy designing, producing, selling, and supporting great communication products.

We hope you are ready to join us as we realize our vision of broadband and beyond.

Frank Manning,
President and Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Background

We design, produce and market dial-up and broadband modems, speed dialers, and other communications products. Our primary objective is to build upon our position as a leading supplier of Internet access devices and to take advantage of a number of emerging trends in communications including enhanced Internet access, higher data rates, and new voice and multimedia applications.

To date our revenues have come primarily from sales of our dial-up modems. Our dial-up modems connect personal computers and other devices to the local telephone line for transmission of data, fax, voice, and images. Our dial-up modems enable personal computers and other devices to connect to other computers and networks, including the Internet and local area networks, at top data speeds up to 56,000 bits per second. Most of our modems connect to a single telephone line, but we also make multi-line modems which can connect to up to sixteen telephone lines. We also have a line of integrated services digital network ("ISDN") products, which can transmit and receive data simultaneously at up to 128,000 bits per second.

In response to increased demand for faster connection speeds and increased modem functionality, we have invested resources to expand our product line to include cable and ADSL modems and related broadband access products. Cable modems provide a high-bandwidth connection to the Internet through a cable-TV cable that connects to compatible equipment that is typically at or near the cable service provider. We began shipping cable modems during 2000. Our cable modem customers in the U.S., the U.K., and other countries now include cable service providers, original equipment manufacturers, and retailers.

Our Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line modems, known as ADSL modems, provide a high-bandwidth connection to the Internet through a standard telephone line that typically connects to compatible ADSL equipment in or near the central telephone office. We are now shipping four ADSL modems: one internal PCI bus model and three external models.

We have been designing a new generation of telephone dialers and related telephony products. In the early 1980s Zoom introduced its first generation of dialers, including Demon Dialertm and Hotshottm. Dialers simplify the placing of a phone call by dialing digits automatically. Zoom's new generation of dialers includes a model designed for alternative long distance companies, and a second model designed for use with prepaid phone cards. Zoom plans to extend its proprietary dialer technology into a wide range of telephony products.

Zoom also has a line of cameras designed to be used with personal computers. Some "web camera" models only function when they are connected to a computer, and allow storage or transmission of a still picture or moving video. Some new models also work when they are not connected to the computer; so that pictures or videos can be stored into the camera away from the computer, and later downloaded into the computer.

We were incorporated in British Columbia under the name 1519 Holdings Ltd. on July 7, 1986 and subsequently changed our name to Zoom Telephonics, Inc. on October 1, 1987. On June 28, 1991, we changed our jurisdiction of incorporation from British Columbia to Canada. In February 2002 we changed our jurisdiction of incorporation from Canada to the State of Delaware and changed our corporate name to Zoom Technologies, Inc. Our operations continue to be carried out by our wholly owned subsidiary, Zoom Telephonics, Inc., a Delaware corporation. Our principal executive offices are located at 207 South Street, Boston, MA 02111 and our telephone number is (617) 423-1072.


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