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Customer Comments
What Our Customers Are Saying About Us...

Our customers frequently send us comments about their experience with Zoom products. We are pleased to provide a selection of their comments in this area of our Web site, which is updated from time to time. We found them interesting reading, and hope that you do, too. Initials are used to preserve privacy.

"Zoom makes the best, most superior modems on the market. I have tried many brand name modems and was never pleased until I got my 56K-PCI Dualmode Modem Model 2925L."
B. Carnes
Urbandale, IA

"I love Zoom and you guys are the only modem company I have used and trusted for the past 10 years!"
Peter E.
Moodus, CT

"Very fine product. The support available at your website is excellent."
Arsenio V.
Gardena, CA

"Very easy to install. This is one of the first products that I have bought for a computer that I had no problems getting up and going. Office Depot salesman highly recommended this product."
David B.
Petal, MS

"I have always bought Zoom modems and will continue to buy Zoom because of your great customer support and willingness to upgrade the 56Kx when the standard changes! Keep up the good work!"
Jeff B.
Margate, NJ

"Modem works everytime and was very easy to set up."
Robert K.
Mesa, AZ

"I'm glad there is finally an easy place I can get help and information. Now I can find the exact driver I need to install on my PC to optimize all its features."
Edward A.
Edgewood, MD

"I purchased your modem after a failed attempt to install the US Robotics Sportster 33.6K WinModem. I am happy to say that I encountered no difficulties with your modem."
Phil M.
Albuquerque, NM

"I like this modem. I bought it based on an article at cnet.com. It lives up to its billing. I ran my own benchmarks and it works as advertised (something a lot of products don't do)."
Woodbine, GA

"Very easy Plug and Play set up, works great."
Jeff S.
Columbia, IL

"Easy to install and configure. The instructions contained in the carton were very easy to follow."
Jacques G.
Gatineau, PQ

"I purchased this new Zoom modem mostly due to the outstanding performance I got from my previous Zoom 14.4 PC modem. I tried two other brands (Boca and US Robotics) and not only did I not get them to work well, I didn't get them to work at all."
Nathan P.
Columbia, MO

"Excellent product. Tried two others, could not make them work properly. Spent many hours. Purchased this one and it worked perfectly right away. Keep up the good work."
Robert S.
Palatine, IL

"Was truly 'Plug and Play'. Seems like an outstanding product so far."
Duncan M.
Lexington, MA

"This external modem was a piece of cake to install."
Paul P.
Downingtown, PA

"Loved ease of installation on Win95 OS/2."
Alexander P.
Raynham, MA

"This is the fifth (office and home) Zoom modem that I have bought. They have always worked as expected and have been easy to install."
Charles S.
Oviedo, FL

"My internet provider (GreenPa.net) suggested I replace my Mac internal modem with your product and I couldn't be happier... It works great."
Scott B.
Waynesburg, PA

"56Kx very consistent performer; nice, compact design."
Eugeney B.
Philadelphia, PA

"In my opinion, based on previous ownership of Zoom modems, and experience with other modems, Zoom designs, manufactures, and supports the absolute best modems that I know of! Period."
Joseph P.
Fall River, MA

"Installation was a breeze with Windows 95."
Michael F.
Rochester, NY

"I am very pleased with the performance of this product and am glad that I didn't pay $75 extra to buy a comparable USR modem."
James J.
Dayton, NV

"Installed perfectly the first time (Windows 95)."
Rob B.
Fort Walton Beach, FL

"Great speed and software."
John P.
Lantzville, BC

"A truly great modem. The first one sent to me didn't work and was repaired. That still didn't work, so the company sent a new unit to me. Thank you for your timely support. The entire staff was well informed and considerate as well as helpful."
Roy P.
Rockford, IL

"I bought this model in particular because it supports Windows NT. Seems to work like a charm as well as being easy to configure and install."
Jim P.
Seattle, WA

"I think this is the greatest of all the modems I've owned. I used to run the worldwide support network for Mustang Software and have experienced a number of modems and yours connects the best. Good work."
Lonnie E.
Sacramento, CA

"I found the installation to be very simple. With Win95 the Plug and Play really worked."
John H.
No. Providence, RI

"I have previously only had US Robotics Winmodems. The Zoom modem is much easier to install than any other modem I have used. Thank you."
Mike G.
Mentor, OH

"Love your products. I know that I can buy Zoom products with the confidence I desire in PC products.."
Don B.
Shelby, NC

"Good. Steady in communication."
Alan K.
Hong Kong

"It works very well. It is a great value for the money."
Carol Stream, IL

"Wanted to give you a shout and let you know that your internal 56K modem is being well received by network support people. After fighting with installing many 'PNP' modems on PNP enabled NT 4.0 machines, it's nice to see jumpers and support from the manufacturer. I think that perhaps others that make modems have forgotten that many 'power' users access the workserver from home and run NT on personal machines. Anyway, Zoom will be my choice in the future and I also like seeing 'Made in the USA.'"
Chuck G
Univ. of Alaska

"I bought my first Zoom 2.5 years ago. V.34i Model 250. I have enjoyed its ease of use and fast operation. I purchased my new Zoom modem based on the wonderful support and effort you put into each modem and plan to buy only Zoom communication products."
Mike W.
Oklahoma City, OK

"I've used Zoom Products before and I am really impressed with the quality and the price."
Kenneth S.
Apo, AE

"Best modem I'd ever buy."
Jon W.
San Diego, CA

"I have been using this modem for quite a while and have never had any problems with it. I love it. I am a support technician for 3Com and I have to say that my next modem will be another Zoom modem! Thanks Zoom."
Vincent P.
Park Forest, IL

"Worked great right out of the box. Plug and Play seemed to work flawlessly. Goodbye 3Com. Hello Zoom!"
M. Sexton
Knoxville, TN

"I love my modem and it works like a charm. I hope it is upgradable so it can keep uyp to speed! Thanks for making such a GREAT product."
Michael H.
Kinston, NC

"Smooth installation and easy operation. An all around excellent product."
Scott F.
Coupeville, WA

"Very, Very Quick!"
Matt S.

"Installation was simple, the product documentation was very informative."
Aurelio C.
Jackson, NJ

"I really like the performance of this modem. To be one of the fastest modems at the price that it is offered at is a great deal and you can count on me buying nothing but ZOOM. "
Tony J.
Oklahoma City, OK

"This modem was very easy to install and I had no compatability problems. Thank you."
Ronald C.
Wall, NJ

"This is the best modem I have ever had!"
Loran A.
Upland, CA

"Love your products, especially the fact that your docs support Linux. I used a Zoom 14.4 for two years and finally upgraded to my current 33.6 and have been completely satisfied throughout. Thanks for a reasonably priced, superior product."
Dale L.
Cleveland, OH

"This is my second Zoom modem. Your support for the first one in repairing it under warranty is most appreciated."
Glenn D.
Wolfville, NS

"Your technical support staff was first class in assisting me with the installation of this modem. Bravo for an excellent product and corporate team!"
Frank K.
Shawnee, OK

"Just installed a new Zoom 2819 (ordered through GTE website) on a Compaq Deskpro XL with NT 4.0 . Flashed the latest software with no problem. Manual instructions were clear and easy to follow. Download flash software from Zoom website was easy to use. I am consistently connecting with GTE Internet this evening in the mid-40k range. Modem works great! Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price!"
Wayne E.
Durham, NC

"I had the pleasure to speak to this analyst on Saturday, Feb. 14, 1998. He helped me with a problem on upgrading my Compaq Presario 7170 desktop PC modem fromt he standard 14.4 modem to a Zoom V34+ modem. Harry helped me with my problem where Compaq could not/would not help. Compaq's solution was to do a master restore and kill everything I have done to my system ­ that was an unacceptable answer for me. Harry showed much talent, skill & professional knowledge to help me get my system back together again. I really wish that Compaq had this quality of technician on their support line. Harry is a great asset to your company and again, my kudos to him. Thanks!"
Ken C.
via e-mail

"My Gateway 2000 modem (US Robotics) got taken out by a lightning strike, and I replaced it with your Zoom 56K internal. Although our local phone lines won't support anything over 28.8 at this time, the Internet connections seem faster with the Zoom, even at the same connection speed. Also, the connection is more stable. I would get disconnected a lot with the old modem. The Zoom hasn't lost a connection yet."
Mark F.
Valley Springs, CA

"My computer is an older 486 that had been in someone else's hands prior to mine. It had been set up with Win3.1 then overlaid with Win95. There were lots of installations and deletions that had left skeletons around. I could not get an automatic assignment of a COM port for the board so I called for help. The technical person very quickly diagnosed the problem and helped me clean house of old settings that were not needed (and were hampering the current installation). Once that was accomplished, the product worked very well. I was impressed and happy to have the problem remedied so quickly by your staff. It is a good product and well supported. Thanks for the help."
Thom S.
Wexford, PA

"I just wanted to thank you for a product that was easy to install and works really well. Thanks to your latest flash upgrade, my 56K internal modem is connecting faster than ever before. Your installation program for the upgrade was excellent. Thanks again."
Rick P.
via e-mail

"I was offered a Supra SPPC 56Kflex modem for being a sysop. I installed and ran the modem for one week, I was unhappy this modem did not have any NVRAM to save custom settings, nor did it have the required display LEDS for a sysop. All it had was power, Receive Data, Send Data, Terminal Ready. I need to know AA, CD, OH and Carrier Detect at the very least. I ordered a Zoom and the features exceeded what I needed and the price was unbeatable. The best bang for the buck. I have great InterNet access at constant 50K connections and my BBS users and I am impressed with the clean 33.6K offered at local phone company. The Supra connected at 40K at best and local BBS calls fell through. I found no support at Supra, and Zoom has surpassed and promptly answered any questions I asked. What more can a Sysop and InterNet user want?

I really like the ability to send Zoom a fax and have it answered in just a day or so. I know I am preparing to support Zoom from my homepage and a banner supporting Zoom products from my BBS systems. As a sysop for 15 years, Supra and USR have always targeted us sysops and offered a "sysop price" I have used both modems and when users ask me now who I suggest for a good modem, its going to be Zoom !!!!!"
Paul O.
via e-mail

"My husband and I will never be able to tell you and the Zoom company "Thank you" enough for your honesty and customer relations. For sure you can count on us to tell all of our friends and associates what a wonderful company you have.

We now know that "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus," and "Yes, there is a company with compassion and care for its customer's who purchased their product. Thank you one and all and we hope to repay you for your kindness by sending new customers you way."
Charlene and Lindy P.
via e-mail

"Zoom modems have made my Online Gaming and Internet Experience most enjoyable with super fast ISP connections and LAG-FREE Online Gaming. Now I know why Zoom offers 7 years of warranty. When I got my first Zoom modem, it took me 10-15 minutes to set up and it got hit with lighting once and never ever had even one problem. Just felt like saying that I really love your products and wish Zoom Telephonics the best of luck."
Dennis P.
via e-mail

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank anyone and everyone who was involved in the repair and replacement process of my Zoom 33.6 Internal. In all the years that I have been a consumer, not one company has handled my problem so quickly and efficiently. I look forward to doing business again with Zoom Telephonics and will continue to endorse your products. Thank you again."
Adam L.
via e-mail

"Just a short note to say I've bought a Zoom 56K internal . THANK YOU ZOOM BOYS! I am the happiest man in the world tonight, I've had a few modems and modem problems in my commuting life to say the least, but this modem is a GOD. It sits upon my mini tower and I will kneel and give it praise everyday. Once again, Thanks."
via e-mail

"I have bought and tried to use two US Robotics modems in the past 10 years. Both of these proved to be nothing but problems. No more USR products for me. I have also installed and used four Zoom modems during this period, on my own PCs and on some for my friends. All of Zoom's modems went in, turned on, and following the mostly clear instructions, started communicating in all our uses like champs! All along, the Zoom products have purred and in fact, "zoomed" right on, with no problems. Kudos to your engineers and tech writers."
Lou M.
via e-mail

"Just installed a new Zoom 2819 (ordered through GTE website) on a Compaq Deskpro XL with NT 4.0 . Flashed the latest software with no problem. Manual instructions were clear and easy to follow. Download flash software from Zoom website was easy to use. I am consistently connecting with GTE Internet this evening in the mid-40k range. Modem works great! Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price!"
Wayne E.
Durham, NC

"I spoke with Ms. Maryann Pilot and she was wonderful. She started by analyzing what equipment I was using,a nd then experimenting with different configurations of COM ports, IRQ's etc. After each adjus™ent, we went back to MSD to analyze the results. We solved the problem using her "test and measure" approach; a significantly better approach than just "try this and good luck" which is what I received from the first two support personnel ."
Eric S.
via e-mail

"Thank goodness my second call to tech support was answered by 'Pat'. She helped me fix several problems in no time,and she is a credit to your tech staff ."
The Dr.
via e-mail

"Thanks for the response. It appears as though they need to clone you at Zoom."
Houston, TX

"I love the speed of my Zoom Internal FaxModem. What took me 16 minutes to download withmy 33.6 modem took only 2 minutes with my Zoom. I am still overwhelmed with the performance of my Zoom. Getting kicked off the net because of line distortion is virtually a thing of the past. I just wanted to let you know, I will be checking for software and driver updates to be available. Thank you again for making a superior product ."
Daniel K.
via e-mail

"I don't normally send out fan mail, but I just have to this time. I just purchased a Zoom 56K external for mac through my isp (Earthlink), and I have to say that I am really impressed.After trying one of your competitors' modems, this is really a breath of fresh air. I used to have all kinds of problems with my connections, badhardware, poorly written init strings, etc., etc., ad nauseum. I haven't had a single dropped connection and speeds are rock solid at 50,000 bps. Thanks for making a great modem and my life a lot easier ."
Robert P.
via e-mail

"My congrats to the person or persons who wrote the flash com upgrader program. I don't think I have ever seen a more perfect app."
R. Dickerson
via e-mail

"I purchased my 5th Zoom modem (Model 2819) a few weeks ago, this was the first 56K I'd tried. My service provider just installed their K56 flex equipment, and I have been very happy with the performance of the modem. As a test I downloaded a 6 meg file from a slower website and was very happy with the download time. Thanks for the dependable product. I've sampled several other modem brands, but always return to Zoom for my final purchase decision."
Steven R
Cerritos CA

"I have been using Zoom models for about five years now. This is the third model I have owned! I think they are really outstanding. A great product!"
Chad D
Bloomington, MN

"I've had Zoom brand modems in the past and was happy with them. When I upgraded my modems to a 28.8 modem, however I went with a US Robotics Sporstster on advice from a friend. I will not take that advice from that friend again!"
Todd M
Dallas, TX

"God I love ZOOM! It took longer to take it our of the box than it did to hook it up to the PC. Thanks for always making a great product."
Janis A
Stamford, CT

"It (Model 2802) works great. Connections are fast and reliable. No problems."
Michael K
Stevensville, MI

"I had no problem installing it (Model 2802) and find it operates just great. My grandfather is going to buy one also."
Andrew A
Jamestown, NY

"I am very happy with the modem (Model 2805). It worked as expected the first time out of the box."
Bill D
Bowling Green, NY

"Excellent modem (Model 2805). The installation was a breeze and setting up Windows 95 was a snap. The Zoom faxmodem worked perfect the first try."
Bill V
Yuba City, CA

"Highest connect rate of any modem I've tried. Love the lightning rotection." (Model 2836)
Bob G
Hamilton, MI

"I have never owned any other type of modem - since I have had a computer in 1985. I am very happy with your company and products. Thank you."
James O
Clewiston, FL

"Have been using Zoom modems for over six years now. Very pleased with your product. Don't know much about your technical support though...have never had an occasion to need it. Thanks again."
William W
Phoenix, AZ

"Your modems and support are great! Keep up the good work."
Glenn A.
Adrian, MI

"I have been extremely happy with Zoom products. They are reliable and cost effcient. Thanks for a great product."
Jonathan S.
Dallas, TX

"I've used Zoom modems for years and have been satisfied with their performance."
Richard H.
Sun City, AZ

"I am a field service engineer. I think your product is great. Easy to install and use. It worked the first time I installed it."
Yousef A.
West Hills, CA

"This is my second Zoom modem! I'm very happy with it! Very reliable!"
Dirk D.

"Zoom modems have given me the best service. I have been using a 14.4 for 2 years and it worked flawless. Thank you for a great product."
Lance C.
Peebles, OH

"All of my modems have been Zoom products. They work great with OS/2."
Gerald T.
Cleveland, OH

"This modem seems to have it all. Thank you for such a great product."
James D.
Staten Island, NY

"Love Zoom, recommend to all my friends"
Richard C.
Lancaster, OH

"Great modem! Better than USR."
Daniel T
Thunder Bay, ON

"I've been using Zoom modems for a number of years and have had great results. I would like to thank all of Zoom for producing this one. I'm sure I'll be happy."
Gerald C.
Queens Village, NY

"The programmable DSP is great...I find it easy to upgrade"
Victor T.
Hong Kong

"Great job!!"
Sam E.
Alliance, OH

"The Zoom modems have always performed perfectly for me. I have never had any problems with them and they always give me the best communications possible. I would never go with anything else."
Dennis B.
Arnold, MO

"Great slim design. Status lights are easy to see and understand"
Davis C.
Callaway, FL

"On a visit to the USA, I purchased this incredible modem, and I am very happy with it so far."
Costas B.
Athens, Greece

"Works great!"
Ken H.
Williamsburg, VA

"I originally purchased a Best Modem but they made what should be a nothing installation into W95 a nigh™are and would not answer their help phone so I just returned it and purchased yours. Keep the jumpers. They in fact make the installation easier."
Mike Y.
Manhattan Beach, CA

"I've used a Zoom modem since 2400bps. I was satisfied then and I'm sure I'll be satisfied now."
Pat B.
Wellington, NV

"This is my third Zoom modem. Great product and at a good price!!"
Ernie L.
Fallston, MD

"I like this modem very much. I will tell other people it is the best."
Robert M.
Cohasset, MA

"Previous owner, very happy with product line"
Allen J.
Las Vegas, NV

"Great modem, great features."
Kurt S.
Dallas, TX

"A great external modem for a reasonable price"
Chuck W.
Lubbock, TX

"This is one fantastic modem! I love it!!
Rick K.
Derby, NY

"Works great!!"
Phil H.
Wetaskiwin, AB

"Owned other Zoom products and have been very satisfied - This one replaces a USR 33 Sportster that was passsed on to some unlucky user"
Mike B.
Cleveland, OH

"Great modems"
Paul G.
Freemont, CA

"Extremely happy with my purchase"
Sal R.
Manchester, CT

"I wanted the best..."
Jay M.
Sugarland, TX

"I think this is a great modem...I was impressed and moved mostly to purchasing it by its very positive review in PC World magazine"
Stefan H.
North Chelmsford, MA

"I have a Zoom 14.4 Kbps modem I have been using for 2 years now. I have had a great experience, quite reasonable in price and I feel I should commend it."
Nishad J.
Scarborough, ON

"This is my second Zoom modem, both work great"
Gaylord B.
Fort Wayne, IN

"Have had great success with Zoom modems."
Charles K.
Portland, OR

"I am truly satisfied wuth the quality of this modem. Keep up the good work."
Stan R.
Montreal, PQ

"This is the fourth Zoom modem I have purchased. Great support!"
Elk Grove, CA

"Wished I'd bought a Zoom sooner. Tried others, but Zoom works best for me."
Frank C.
Dundas, VA

"Love your modems. Had a US Robotics, but didn't like it. Have owned Zoom faxmodems in the past and I am still amazed at how much of a workhorse they are..."
Daniel B.
Wadesville, IN

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