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Zoom to Ship First DSL Products

Zoom will ship both a Zoom brand and a Hayes brand ADSL external modem with a USB interface in the first half of this year. The easily-installed externals are powered by the USB port of Windows 98/2000 computers and are compatible with a wide range of ADSL protocols deployed worldwide. Protocols supported include ITU G.992.1 operating at download speeds of up to 8.1 Mbps, ITU G.992.2 (G.Lite) at download speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps, as well as DMT based ADSL protocols developed prior to the ITU standard. Models supporting CAP line encoding are also available.

Innovative Product Marries Lan to Wide Area Network

Zoom will begin shipping a low-cost LAN to WAN Gateway product that provides shared broadband access to multiple PCs using "no-new-wires" networking. The new product distributes data to PCs throughout a home or small office using: 802.11b HR wireless, Home Phoneline Networking, or wired Ethernet. The Gateway product provides IP routing with easy installation, operation and management. Firewall security provides protection against the network attacks which are an increasing problem with "always on" broadband devices like cable and DSL modems. Network Address Translation (NAT) allows multiple users to share a single IP address. Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) eases network setup by automatically assigning IP addresses to networked stations. The product is scheduled for release mid year.

New USB 56K World Traveler Modem

Zoom will begin shipping a low-cost USB 56K World Traveler Modem in May. Powered by the USB port of a laptop or desktop computer, the new modem features an attractive, compact case suitable for use on the road or in the office. The modem can be easily configured for operation in 185 countries using Zoom's World TravelerTM! feature. Zoom's new faxmodem for USB is approved for telecommunications compliance in a range of countries, including all European Union nations, U.S., Bulgaria, Iceland, Israel, Norway, Switzerland, and Turkey. Hayes and Zoom brand models are available.

Zoom Offers Low-cost Cable Modem

Zoom will begin shipping a DOCSIS standard cable modem during the first half of this year. This low-cost, highly integrated design is based on the DOCSIS 1.0 (Data Over Cable Interface Specification) standard supported by cable systems in the U.S. and many other countries. As local cable operators adopt the newer DOCSIS 1.1 standard, the Zoom CableModem can be easily upgraded with a simple software download. The first version of Zoom's new cable modem has a 10BaseT interface. A Zoom CableModem with a USB interface is scheduled for mid-2000.

11 Mbps Wireless LAN Ships in April

Zoom will begin shipping ZoomAir 11 Mbps wire-less LANs in April. The 802.11b HR compliant Network Interface Cards (NIC) will be available in a PC Card format for laptops and a PCI format for desktop PCs. External antennas which extend the range of the 11 Mbps NICs will also be available. The new high-speed ZoomAir NICs are ETSI and FCC certified for use in Europe, the U. S. and many other countries. The new cards will interoperate with the ZoomAir 2 Mbps NICs now shipping. The ZoomAir line now includes NICs, the AP128 hardware access point, software access points, and external antennas. The ZoomAir line will be expanded to include home Gateway products in the coming months.

New Low-Cost PC Card

In April Zoom will begin shipping a low-cost PC Card 56K/V.90 modem under both the Zoom and Hayes brands. The new Zoom PC Card modem can be used in PC Card compatible slots of Windows-based computers. Like the USB 56K World Traveler Modem, the new PC Card modem features both CTR 21 approvals and the ZoomWorld Traveler feature for easy use of the modem worldwide.

Zoom Telephonics will begin shipping a controller-based internal modem for PCI slots early this year. A processor on the modem controls the Hayes AT commands and data compression, unlike Windows-only PCI modems which rely on the same central processor that runs Windows on the host computer. The modem's on-board controller results in a more stable system and simplified system integration. Zoom's new modem is ideal for use on servers and gaming computers, or anywhere where stability and processing power of a system must be maximized. Drivers are available for Windows 95/98, Windows NT and Linux. The product is approved for use in the U.S. and other countries accepting FCC certification.


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