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New Zoom Smart Connect Software Simplifies 802.11b Setup and Roaming

Boston, MA, January 16, 2002 — Zoom Telephonics, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZOOM) ZoomAir™ wireless Network Interface Cards (NICs) are now shipping with Smart Connect™, the industry's best 802.11b application software. With Smart Connect, ZoomAir NICs are now the most easily installed products in the industry. The software also eliminates the computer reboots and cumbersome changes to network settings that have confronted Windows 98/2000/Me users as they roamed with wireless-enabled laptops.

ZoomAir products dramatically reduce the number of steps required to make a wireless connection. For a comparison of the steps required see: www.zoomtel.com/zoomair/roamcompare.shtml

Some of the features of the new Smart Connect software include: Eliminates the need to reboot a laptop computer when it is moved to a new wireless network.

Reduces the steps needed for the initial connection to a network in half. Reduces the steps needed to make subsequent connections to that network from more than twenty to only three or less.

A well-constructed interface eliminates the need to understand networking parameters.

Automatically scans for available wireless network access points and requires a simple password entry for reconnection to a network.

Allows entry of simple text passwords for connection to either Orinoco or Intersil based wireless access points, eliminating the confusion created by different implementations of Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encryption.

Stores 99 network profiles for fast, easy connections at multiple locations.

In offices with multiple access points, users can easily choose the access point with the best signal and fastest data rate, maximizing the speed of the network connection.

Network diagnostics maximize performance and simplify operation.

Supports rapid switching between corporate networks and home networks.

"Up until now, most users found wireless networks did not deliver on the promise of an easy-to- use and easy-to-setup connection to the Internet," said Terry Manning Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Zoom Telephonics. "Smart Connect is what they have been looking for."

Smart Connect is included free of charge with currently shipping ZoomAir Model 4100 and 4105 wireless NICs. A free upgrade is also available to registered users of those products.

ZoomAir and Smart Connect are trademarks of Zoom Telephonics. Other brands and names are the property of their respective owners.

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Zoom Telephonics, a communications leader since 1977, designs, produces and markets dial-up modems, cable and ADSL modems, wireless LAN products, home and small office networking devices, and other data communication products under the Zoom, Hayes and Global Village brands. Zoom products are available in thousands of the highest volume computer retailers worldwide. For more information visit Zoom at www.zoomtel.com.

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