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Zoom ISP Support Accelerates V.92 Rollout
Recent United Online Announcement Adds to Growing Momentum for V.92

Boston, MA, October 24, 2002 — Zoom Telephonics, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZOOM) contributed to the largest V.92 dial-up modem service announcement to date. United Online, a leading provider of value-priced dial-up Internet service through its NetZero and Juno brands, recently announced availability of V.92 service in roughly 68 percent of the national NetZero and Juno coverage area. That announcement was the first time a major national ISP announced availability of V.92 features like faster connections, quicker downloads, and the ability to put Internet sessions on hold while an incoming call is answered.

Zoom Telephonics worked closely with United Online to test Zoom modems with the equipment used by United Online. Zoom was the only client modem manufacturer mentioned in United Online's recent press release, due to the extensive interoperability testing and cooperation between United Online and Zoom.

Zoom's assistance was provided through the Zoom ISP Program, which gives technical and marketing assistance to service providers who take an early lead in introducing the new V.92 standard. With the program, Internet Service Providers can quickly verify V.92 performance using their V.92 Internet access infrastructure, and then use the new V.92 service as a customer acquisition tool. Elements of the ISP Program include: * Evaluation units and preferred technical support

  • Interoperability testing of network access equipment with Zoom modems
  • Marketing assistance for promotion of V.92
  • Creative modem sales programs tailored for ISPs

Zoom has done extensive interoperability testing with all major manufacturers of head end equipment. Experienced technicians have been assigned by Zoom to share setup information and the results of Zoom's interoperability experience with ISPs.

"With Zoom's program, I was able to test, qualify and approve V.92 modems with my head end equipment before working with Zoom on a marketing launch," said Joel Duetterman, President of Velocity, a Pennsylvania ISP with 10,000 subscribers. "As a result, I've signed on thousands of new customers to new annual contracts and taken market share from my largest competitor." "I never expected this level of support from a manufacturer," said Don Crowley, President of CNY Internet, a New York ISP. "This should allow us to become the first ISP in our area to support V.92 features like Modem on Hold. This allows us to compete for second line payments now going to the telephone company as well as allowing us to aggressively compete with larger ISPs."

The V.92 standard has several important features to enhance the Internet experience for dialup users. V.92 modems have the ability to establish the initial connection more quickly, and incorporate a new compression standard called V.44. Perhaps the most exciting new V.92 feature is Modem-on-Hold, which allows a user to place their Internet session on hold while they take an incoming phone call on the same line. For many users, this feature means that they don't need to order a second phone line or can cancel an existing second phone line, saving hundreds of dollars per year.

Zoom was the first modem manufacturer to introduce a V.92 compatible product, and Zoom has devoted significant resources since then to retain its preeminence in the V.92 market.

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Press Contact:
Larry Hancock

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