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Low-cost Zoom ADSL USB Modem Now Supports Macintosh

Boston, MA, April 14, 2003, - Zoom Telephonics, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZOOM) announced today that the low-cost Zoom ADSL Modem USB Model 5510A is now shipping with VEnet firmware. VEnet allows the Model 5510A to be used with both Macintosh and Windows computers, and provides the stability of an Ethernet ADSL modem with the low-cost and convenience of a USB interface.

VEnet executes all ADSL protocol functions on the modem's processor, which eliminates the need to run complex modem drivers on the computer. This gives Zoom's Model 5510A with VEnet three major advantages.

1) The modem works with both Macintosh and Windows operating systems.
2) The modem has better stability under MAC OS and Windows than typical USB ADSL modems. Macintosh and Windows computers are not optimized to handle the protocols required by a host-based ADSL USB modem. VEnet moves the PPPoE, Encapsulation, and A™ SAR protocols off of the computer and onto the Model 5510A's on-board processor.
3) VEnet eliminates the need for PPP dialer software running on the computer.

With VEnet, the Model 5510A receives a download of drivers from the computer to the modem's on-board memory when the computer is first powered up. All of the protocol code is then run entirely on the modem, so complex interaction with the operating system is eliminated.

A free firmware upgrade to the new VEnet software is available for current 5510A owners.

Model 5510A has a compact, stylish case, and is powered by the USB port to eliminate the clutter created by power adapters. The modem is compatible with Macintosh OS 9 and OS X as well as Windows 98, SE, Me, 2000 and XP. Multi-lingual documentation is in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and Danish. The product is supported by Zoom's multi-lingual technical support centers in the US and Europe.

For more information on the Model 5510A and other Zoom ADSL modems, please see: http://www.zoomtel.com/products/adsl_overview.html.

About Zoom
Zoom Technologies, Inc. designs and produces ADSL and cable modems, analog modems, automatic telephone dialers, wireless LAN products, home and small office networking devices and other communications products under the Zoom, Hayes and Global Village brands. Zoom Technologies was founded in 1977. For more company information visit Zoom at www.zoomtel.com.

Press Contact:
Larry Hancock

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