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Zoom Technologies Ships New Family of Embedded Dial-up Modems
Small Plug-in Units Make Integration into Equipment Easy and Inexpensive

Boston, MA, October 29, 2003 — Zoom Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZOOM) announced today that it has begun shipping a family of new modem modules designed to be plugged into a wide range of special purpose equipment. The product line includes 33.6 and 56 Kbps modems for both 3.3 volt and 5.0 volt systems. All modems in the family have the same size, same plug-in pin configuration, and same logic-level serial interface. All four modems use a Conexant chipset, and all feature an on-board controller and Hayes AT standard command processing to simplify system integration. All the modems have built-in error-correction and data compression, and also support fax, DTMF decoding, and voice mail functions.

Each module is a thin plug-in unit that’s 75 mm long by 56 mm wide. A module can be plugged into an inexpensive socket on the motherboard, or it can be soldered into the motherboard. High-volume customers can vary the standard plug-in pin length. Detailed electrical and mechanical specifications are provided at: http://www.zoomtel.com/graphics/datasheets/dial_up/29031173S.pdf

Zoom embedded modems are suitable for world-wide use, designed in accordance with international regulatory standards. To minimize field returns, a discrete Data Access Arrangement (DAA) with robust lightning protection is used. Anti-brownout circuitry helps assure modem operation without power cycling even after low-power conditions occur.

The modem modules all use pin-compatible Conexant chipsets in the SM56D family. Standard modem modules have the modem firmware masked onto the Conexant chipset. 100-unit pricing is $19.75 for 33.6K modules and $22.75 for 56K modules.

High-volume customers can also purchase modem modules with Flash memory containing firmware customized by Zoom to their specific requirements. The modem modules with Flash memory support remote field upgrades of the modem firmware.

" We see strong demand for 56K modem modules for applications where the modem is receiving a lot of data," said Andy Scarlatos, Zoom’s OEM Sales Manager. "33.6K modems, on the other hand, can send data as fast as a 56K V.90 modem; so we recommend 33.6K modems for applications where a fast "handshake" at the start of the call is more important that fast receipt of lots of data."

Zoom’s embedded modems are ideal for point-of-sale terminals, set-top boxes, Internet appliances, vending machines, multi-function peripherals, and other equipment.

To simplify customer evaluation and firmware development, Zoom also has an embedded modem Evaluation Kit that contains a 5-volt, 56K embedded modem plugged into a socketed motherboard that includes a standard RS-232 serial interface, power supply, speaker, and LEDs. An RS-232 serial cable, power cube, and phone cord are included with the Evaluation Kit. The kit supports plugging in any embedded modem in the family, independent of speed or power supply.

The product line is designed and supported by Zoom Technologies, which has been designing and producing modems for over 20 years. Zoom’s sales, support, and engineering teams in the USA and Europe are available to support Zoom’s customers. Customers can contact Zoom’s corporate headquarters in Boston by calling (617)423-1072, and can also contact Zoom’s European headquarters in London by calling +44-(0)1276-704400.

About Zoom Technologies

Zoom Technologies, Inc. designs and produces dial-up modems, ADSL and cable modems, automatic telephone dialers, home and small office networking devices, and other communications products under the Zoom, Hayes, and Global Village brands. Zoom Technologies was founded in 1977. For more company information please visit www.zoomtel.com.


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