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Zoom Ships New ADSL Gateway with Integrated 4-port Hub

Boston, MA, November 17, 2003 — Zoom Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZOOM) announced today that it has begun shipping a new ADSL gateway that integrates an ADSL modem, router, NAT firewall, four-port 10/100 Ethernet switch, and USB interface into a single cost-effective product.

The new Zoom ADSL X5, Model 5554 allows a high-speed ADSL connection to be shared by up to 253 concurrent computers on a network, and provides NAT firewall security to protect the attached computers from hackers. The built-in Ethernet four-port switch eliminates the need for a separate hub in most home networks and many small offices, since each port can be used to plug in a computer, a switch, a hub, or a wireless access point. The USB port allows the gateway to be used by a computer that doesn’t have an Ethernet interface, and can be used with the four-port switch to connect up to five computers directly to the X5. With its high performance and flexibility, the X5 is ideal for a home, a school, an office, or almost anywhere you’d like ADSL Internet access for more than one computer.

Setup for the gateway/router features is easily done using a Web browser and Zoom’s intuitive graphical user interface, facilitating setup by an end-user, a network administrator, or an Internet Service Provider.

The X5 is designed to be a product sold through Internet Service Providers and retailers, and features a fast and easy installation process and attractive four-color packaging.

All of the new Zoom ADSL products support full-rate Annex A data transmission for a wide range of ADSL standards, with data downloads at up to 8 Mbps speeds. Multi-lingual documentation is in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, and Turkish.

The X5 is compatible with computers using an operating system that supports TCP/IP, including Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers.

All Zoom ADSL models are backed by a two-year warranty, European and U.S. multi-lingual support teams, and Zoom’s twenty-six years of experience designing and producing communication products.

For more information about these Zoom ADSL modems, please see: www.zoomtel.com/adsl.

About Zoom Technologies

Zoom Technologies, Inc. designs and produces ADSL modems and gateways, cable modems, analog modems, Bluetooth products and other communications products under the Zoom, Hayes and Global Village brands. For more company information, please visit www.zoomtel.com.


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