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Zoom Begins Shipping Bluetooth® Wireless Modem and Adapters
Modem Provides Easy Internet Access for PDAs and Laptops

November 19, 2003 — Zoom Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: ZOOM), announced today that it has begun shipping a modem and two adapters incorporating Bluetooth wireless technology. The modem plugs into a telephone jack and an AC power source, and delivers no-wires modem capability for Bluetooth-enabled notebooks, PDAs or computers. The high-performance adapters add wireless connectivity to a computer, or extend the range of wireless connections for computers with less powerful Bluetooth radios.

All of the new Bluetooth products from Zoom are Class 1 devices, which provide a wireless connection at a distance of up to 100 meters (330 feet). A Class 1 device is the most powerful of the three Bluetooth radio classifications. Class 2 Bluetooth devices typically work up to 10 meters, and Class 3 Bluetooth devices typically work up to 1 meter.

The Model 4300 "Bluetooth modem" includes a V.90 56K modem whose data rates with and without data compression are fully supported by the Bluetooth connection, which is capable of throughput at up to 723,000 bps. Model 4300 works with computers and PDAs that support dial-up networking through Bluetooth, including Bluetooth-enabled PDAs with Windows CE, and Bluetooth-enabled notebook and desktop computers with Windows 98SE, 2000, Me, and XP.

Wireless security is ensured with a Bluetooth security key and data encryption. Each Bluetooth device has a unique link key that prevents unauthorized access. The key is transmitted in a secure environment to prevent interception. Unlike 802.11 b/g wireless devices, Bluetooth wireless links are not susceptible to eavesdropping and false authentication.

New adapters from Zoom include the Model 4312 PC Card for Windows computers and the Model 4310 USB adapter for Macintosh or Windows computers. Both Zoom adapters come complete with a suite of software applications for Bluetooth enabled devices and an installation wizard.

"There is strong interest worldwide in Bluetooth as a wire-eliminator technology," said Terry Manning, Zoom’s VP of Marketing and Sales. "Our Bluetooth modem lets someone go where he wants to in the home or office, or even outside, and still have access to email and the Internet. Our Bluetooth adapters have a long range, and they’re ideal for providing a wireless link between a computer and a Bluetooth modem, telephone, headset, or other Bluetooth device."

For additional information, please visit: www.zoomtel.com/products/bluetooth_overview.html

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Zoom Technologies, a communications leader since 1977, designs, produces and markets Bluetooth wireless products, dial-up modems, ADSL and cable modems, and other communications products under the Zoom, Hayes and Global Village brands. For more information please visit Zoom at www.zoomtel.com.

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