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Zoom’s VoIP Modem Earns “Product of the Year” and “Editor’s Choice” from Internet Telephony™ Magazine

Boston, MA, February 15, 2005 — Zoom Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZOOM) announced today that its X5v DSL modem with built-in VoIP has been selected for a 2004 Product of the Year award by Internet Telephony Magazine. The January 2005 issue also includes an in-depth product review and an “Editors’ Choice” designation.

Internet Telephony’s TMC Labs “loved the fact that Zoom’s X5v product line was open and completely standards-based” and stated that “If you have DSL broadband service in your home and are looking to easily add a DSL Modem, VoIP, and a router all in one package, Zoom’s X5v is the perfect match.”

The review also praised Zoom’s Global Village® service plan as “impressive” for enabling VoIP users to connect to conventional phone service, and noteworthy for offering a service plan with no monthly commitment. The review said the voice quality of Zoom’s Global Village service was “superb” and went on to say the service was “equal or better than other VoIP services that we have tested – including Vonage, Packet8, Net2Phone, and more.”

The X5v also received the publication’ highest marks for ease of installation and for excellent technical support.

The Product of the Year Award selection is based on a demonstration of innovation and contribution to the growth of VoIP and the IP telephony industry. The Product of the Year awards emphasize innovative technology and creative product feature sets as well as forward looking products that serve as a base for future industry developments.

“The X5v demonstrates Zoom’s VoIP philosophy of customer freedom and choice,” said Frank Manning, President and CEO of Zoom Technologies. “The X5v user can select whether to use Zoom’s Global Village service or another VoIP service, can choose a flat-rate or a pay-per-call plan, can call from Global Village to other VoIP services, and can choose whether a call is made as a VoIP call or a conventional call. Competing approaches from Vonage and others limit VoIP by restricting user choice. It is gratifying to see Zoom’s distinctive approach endorsed by a leading industry publication.”

Zoom’s Model 5565 X5v product integrates an ADSL modem, gateway, firewall, four-port switch, VoIP phone port, and VoIP service into one cost-effective product. VoIP adapter and firewall integration simplifies setup and broadens the VoIP services compatible with the hardware. The Zoom TelePort‘ feature allows conventional phones to make calls using either conventional phone service or VoIP, and provides calling through conventional phone service when the power fails or when an emergency number like 911 is dialed.

Bundled Global Village service provides some advanced features absolutely free, including free Internet to Internet calling to other Global Village users and to users of other open SIP-based services. Global Village also offers usage-based and flat-rate service plans for calling phones connected to the public dial-up phone network.

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About Zoom Technologies

Zoom Technologies, Inc. designs and produces Voice over IP Gateways, DSL modems, cable modems, dial-up modems, Bluetooth products, and other communications products under the Zoom, Hayes and Global Village brands. Zoom is headquartered in Boston, and its European sales and support center is in the UK. Zoom markets its products in over forty countries, and provides multi-lingual support from its offices in Boston, Florida, and the UK. For more information about Zoom and its products, please see: www.zoomtel.com

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