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2006 News Release Archive
Zoom® Introduces VoIP Freedom Zoom® Begins Shipping iHiFi Product Line

Boston, MA, October 27, 2006 — Zoom Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:ZOOM) has begun shipping the Model 5800 Zoom VoIP Freedom, a revolutionary product that lets a user choose from dozens of VoIP service providers with an easy Web-based Chooser utility.

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Boston, MA, August 16, 2006 — Zoom Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: ZOOM), today announced that it began shipping its new iHiFitm line of wireless products for playing a stereo remotely from an iPod, MP3 player, computer sound card, or other audio device. Zoom’s iHiFi line now includes a Bluetooth receiver that attaches to a stereo or powered speakers, a line of Bluetooth transmitters for iPods, MP3 players, and other audio devices, and Combo products that pair the iHiFi receiver with an iHiFi transmitter. The complete Combo solution retails for approximately $99.

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Zoom® Wins "Best of Show" At Internet Telephony Conference And Expo Zoom® Begins Shipping New VoIP Analog Telephone Adapters

Boston, MA , February 27, 2006 — Zoom Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:ZOOM) announced today that its new VoIP ATA’s have been named “Best of Show” winners at Technology Marketing Corporation’s Internet Telephony Conference and Expo East 2006. The Best of Show awards recognize innovative technology and creative product feature sets as well as forward looking products which serve as a base for future industry developments.  Each winner submitted an application and displayed their product on the Internet Telephony Expo show floor.

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Boston, MA, February 9, 2006 — Zoom Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: ZOOM), announced today the expansion of its Voice over the Internet (VoIP) hardware line with the shipment of two new analog telephone adapters, models 5801 and 5806. Both models include an FXS port for plugging in one or more conventional telephones.

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