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Zoom® Begins Shipping iHiFi Product Line

iHiFi plays iPods and other Audio Devices on a Stereo – Wirelessly!

Boston, MA , August 16, 2006 — Zoom Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZOOM) today announced that it began shipping its new iHiFitm line of wireless products for playing a stereo remotely from an iPod, MP3 player, computer sound card, or other audio device. Zoom's iHiFi line now includes a Bluetooth receiver that attaches to a stereo or powered speakers, a line of Bluetooth transmitters for iPods, MP3 players, and other audio devices, and Combo products that pair the iHiFi receiver with an iHiFi transmitter. The complete Combo solution retails for approximately $99.

The iHiFi line includes Transmitters custom-designed for various iPods, and also includes a Universal Transmitter designed to work with any iPod or other audio source that has a headphone jack. With iHiFi wireless, an iPod can be used as a powerful remote for control of song selection, playlist and volume at a range of up to 70 feet from the iHiFi receiver. iHiFi Bluetooth wireless technology provides excellent range and high fidelity sound, and is far less susceptible to interference and static than FM wireless approaches.

iHiFi allows people to dance, socialize, work or relax with high-quality audio, but without the isolation, discomfort and interference of headsets. Connected to powered speakers, iHiFi provides an inexpensive portable music system for the garage, deck, kitchen or wherever someone wants to enjoy his or her favorite sounds.

The Model 4353 Universal Transmitter includes a battery that can be recharged from a computer's USB port or from an iHiFi Receiver power cube. Some other iHiFi Transmitters, including model 4350 for the iPod mini and model 4354 for the iPod 3G and 4G, are custom-designed to fit particular iPods and to draw their power from the iPod. The Model 4360 iHiFi Receiver plugs into standard input jacks on an audio system or powered speakers, and its power cube plugs into an AC outlet.

The Model 4360 iHiFi Receiver works with all iHiFi Transmitters and with Zoom Bluetooth adapters supporting A2DP profiles, including USB Class 1 Bluetooth Model 4310BF, USB Class 2 Bluetooth Model 4320AF, and PC Card Class 1 Bluetooth Model 4312AF.

For more information about the Zoom iHiFi products, please see: http://www.zoomtel.com/products/ihifi.html


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