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PCMCIA V.34C Mac FaxModem

Boston MA, Aug. 8, 1995 - Zoom Telephonics, Inc, one of the highest-volume producers of modems and faxmodems in the world, announced its new V.34C-Mac Zoom/PCMCIA FaxModem at Macworld Expo in Boston, Mass.

The Model 521 Zoom/PCMCIA FaxModem V.34C Mac for the Macintosh is a state-of-the-art faxmodem card that can be used in the office and on the road as both a landline and cellular send-and-receive fax device and data modem with the Apple PowerBook 500 Series.

"The V.34C is the perfect traveling companion for professionals on the go," said Frank Manning, President and CEO of Zoom Telephonics, Inc. "The inherent small size of its PCMCIA card format is enhanced by Zoom's thin cord, rugged connector design, built-in DAA, cellular capability, PC Card-Guard digital PBX protection, and battery- conserving circuitry. It complements the well-received Zoom/PCMCIA FaxModem 14.4C and is available at a street price of only $269."

The Zoom/PCMCIA FaxModem V.34C-Mac is a fully Hayes-compatible 28,800 bps * V.34 modem and 14,400 bps send/receive fax device. Its advanced MNP 10EC Enhanced Cellular technology assures extremely high connectivity and data transfer rates even in the challenging cellular environment. It is fully compatible with all other ITU standards, including V.Fast Class and V.32bis.

The Zoom/PCMCIA V.34C-Mac is ready to run with the Apple PowerBook 500 Series equipped with a Type II or III PCMCIA slot. All Zoom PCMCIA FaxModems are equipped with Flash memory to enable software-based firmware upgrades.

Installing the PCMCIA FaxModem V.34C-Mac is fast and easy. Just plug it into a PowerBook 500 Series equipped with a standard PCMCIA Type II or III slot, and then attach by means of a thin cord to a telephone jack. The FaxModem provides "wired" communications when connected to a standard telephone line jack, and "wireless" communications when connected to a cellular telephone. The PCMCIA FaxModem V.34C-Mac is cellular ready, with all required cellular circuitry on-board. No bulky cords or special adapters are required. A cellular activation kit, which contains appropriate software and a thin, telephone-specific lightweight cord, is required for cellular communications.

The PCMCIA FaxModem V.34C-Mac is equipped with PC Card-Guard, a special feature that fully protects the modem's circuitry if it is accidentally connected to a digital PBX phone system like those found in many hotel and office environments. PC Card-Guard senses and diverts excessive current before it can damage the faxmodem.

A sleep mode option conserves power when the PCMCIA FaxModem V.34C is running on a computer's battery. When the faxmodem is in sleep mode, it "wakes up" when it senses activity, such as a modem command or an incoming call.

The Zoom/PCMCIA Faxmodem V.34C is made in the USA by Zoom Telephonics, Inc., an industry leader in telecommunications since 1977.

Summary of Features: Zoom/PCMCIA FaxModem V.34C-Mac

  • True V.34 (ITU international standard) Technology.
  • 100% Hayes AT Command Set Compatible, with Extended MNP 5 and V.42bis Command Set.
  • Compatible with Macintosh PowerBook 500 Series equipped with Type II or III PCMCIA slot.
  • Supports both the V.34 ITU standard and V.Fast Class (V.FC) at 28,800 bps. Fully compatible with all other international standards, including 14,400 bps (V.32bis) and slower speeds.
  • Fully integrated DAA phone line interface no bulky cords or adapters.
  • "Flash" memory for easy firmware upgrades.
  • Low-power circuitry with energy-saving "Sleep Mode" to minimize computer battery drain.
  • 28,800/26,400/24,000/21,600/19,200/16,800/14,400/12,000/9600/ 7200/4800/2400/1200/300 bps data pump.
  • 14,400/9600/7200/4800/2400/1200/300 Send/Receive Fax with automatic speed selection, Group 3, Class 1 and 2.
  • Automatically negotiates and maintains the highest mutually supported level of error correction, data compression, and modem speed.
  • Auto-fallback/Fall forward Automatic Speed Selection and Adaptive Equalization.
  • V.42 (LAPM) and MNP 2-4 error correction.
  • V.42bis and MNP 5 data compression for effective speeds to 115,200 bps.
  • MNP 10EC Enhanced Cellular protocol dramatically enhances performance over cellular or other poor quality lines. Also supports MNP 10 and LAPM. Fully Hayes AT-Command set compatible.
  • Supports many popular cellular phones; a cellular phone activation kit is required.
  • PC Card-Guard protects against PCMCIA card blow-out from digital PBX phone systems.
  • Digital and analog loopback diagnostics.
  • Auto-dial (tone and rotary) and Auto-answer.
  • FCC Registered (Part 68) and Certified (Part 15B).
  • Recognized to U.S. and Canadian requirements under the Component Recognition Program of Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

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  • Speed cited is for wired connection. Maximum speed achievable over cellular connections may be significantly lower.

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