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Zoom® Launches European ComStar™ Communications Center
V.34 FaxModem With Voice Mail - Plus Full-Duplex Speakerphone

Hanover, Germany, March 14, 1996 - Zoom Telephonics, a leading manufacturer of faxmodems, announced its new ComStar speakerphone faxmodem for the European market at CeBIT, the largest electronics trade show in Europe. ComStar products provide PC users with a comprehensive set of analog phone line features. The company plans to begin shipping ComStar to Germany and the United Kingdom in the second quarter.

ComStar features 28,800 bps data and 14,400 bps fax capabilities, plus convenient hands-free, full-duplex speakerphone, digital answering machine, voice mail, and a convenient speed dialer.

"ComStar is an advanced communications center for IBM PC- compatible computers in one easy-to-install single-slot card," said Frank Manning, President and CEO of Zoom Telephonics. "Companies, small offices, and home offices should find ComStar to be a significant advance over basic faxmodems with our advanced feature set."

ComStar comes complete with a high-quality plug-in external microphone and external speaker, and voice/fax/data communications software for Windows® 95 and Windows 3.1. ComStar features a high-speed 16550 UART to assure maximum data throughput.

"The ComStar product is a showcase for the multitasking communications capability Windows 95 can deliver," said Manning.

Setup is straightforward. ComStar is Plug and Play configurable with Windows 95 on Plug and Play compatible computers and can be software-configured in other Windows systems. ComStar features extended IRQ options to facilitate quick and easy Plug and Play or manual software configuration. There are no jumpers or switches to set.

ComStar provides 14,400 bps Group 3, Class 1 and 2 fax for sending and receiving high-resolution faxes at the PC.

The suggested retail price for ComStar in Germany will be DM399; in the United Kingdom, £199. ComStar has a five-year warranty.

ComStar requires a 386 or faster PC-compatible computer with 1 available ISA slot, 4MB of RAM (8MB preferred), a 3.5 in. floppy drive, hard drive with 5 MB available, and Microsoft® Windows 3.1 or higher. A mouse is recommended.

Zoom, based in Boston, Massachusetts, is a leading designer, producer, and marketer of faxmodems and other personal computer communications products for the home and office.

The Zoom Internet Web Site is www.zoomtel.com

NOTE TO EDITORS: Color slides of ComStar are available upon request.


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