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Zoom Telephonics Announces VAR Partners Program
Focus is on accelerating the growth of Zoom VARs

Boston, MA, May 29, 1996 - Zoom Telephonics, a high-volume manufacturer of faxmodem products, has announced its new VAR Partners Program to support value-added resellers in marketing Zoom Business Products. This new family of communications products is tailored to the specific needs of business users, and will be sold through value-added resellers and dealers.

Zoom's sales through VARs to business users are already significant, according to Eugene Chang, Vice President for Strategic Business Development at Zoom. Said Chang, "We have created the Zoom Business Products line and the Zoom VAR Partners Program to ensure that VARs have the products, the marketing programs, and the support they need to succeed in delivering business solutions."

"We know that faxmodems are only one component in a complete communications solution," said Chang. "The VAR is an essential partner for providing the system integration and support needed to deliver a total solution to the business user. To be successful, VARs need the highest level of product compatibility, quality, and availability, as well as technical support and marketing programs. Our use of Rockwell technology and our experience with the large installed base of Zoom faxmodems assures hardware and software compatibility and a high level of quality and availability. The Zoom VAR Partners Program also provides superior warranty protection and a fast 'overnight spares exchange' program."

Zoom VARs will receive priority access to the company's most senior technical support staff. The Zoom VAR Partners Program also provides product training, lead referrals, and sales support.

The Zoom Business Products line consists of the "flagship" Zoom/MultiLineĀ FaxModem and other high-performance faxmodems in external, internal, and PCMCIA form factors. Features include flash memory, enhanced protection from lightning, priority technical support, and extended warranty. Zoom will present the entire family of Zoom Business Products at the Comdex/Spring '96 trade show in Chicago, June 3-6.

For more information about the Zoom VAR Partners Program or Zoom Business Products, please call: (617)423-1072 or send e-mail to: varmarketing@zoomtel.com.

Headquartered in Boston since its establishment in 1977, Zoom Telephonics is a leading designer, producer, and marketer of faxmodems and related products for the home and office.

Zoom Telephonics is publicly traded on NASDAQ (NASDAQ: ZOOM).


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