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Zoom Telephonics Announces New Products at Comdex
Multiline faxmodem, external speakerphone/faxmodem and PC Card LAN/faxmodem head lineup

Boston, MA, May 31, 1996 - Zoom Telephonics, a high-volume U.S. manufacturer of faxmodem products, will present several new products at Comdex Booth 1165. Zoom's new products include the Zoom/MultiLine™ faxmodem, external and internal Zoom® ComStar™ full-duplex speakerphone/faxmodems with simultaneous voice and data (SVD) and voice mail, and the Zoom/PC Card™ LAN/FaxModem combination card.

The Zoom/MultiLine™ FaxModem

The Zoom/MultiLine FaxModem provides up to eight faxmodems in a compact desktop case that is easy to install anywhere. It sets new standards of port density, flexibility, and power efficiency. Eight-channel and four-channel versions are available, using independent, user-installable, hot-swappable V.34 28.8 Kbps or V.32bis 14.4 Kbps faxmodem modules in a single attractive 11" x 8" x 2" case. Additional faxmodem modules can be added quickly and easily to the four-channel versions without shutting down other ports.

Each MultiLine module is a Rockwell-based serial V.34 28.8 Kbps faxmodem or V.32bis 14.4 Kbps voice/faxmodem. All modules include 14.4 Kbps Class 1 and 2 fax, flash memory, configuration-protection, Caller ID, V.42, V.42bis, MNP® 2-5, MNP 10EC™, NVRAM, and robust ZoomGuard™ Plus lightning and surge protection.

The front panel features a reset button and 3 status lights for each channel. The single in-line switching power supply eliminates clutter and simplifies installation. When installed in a standard rack mount, two MultiLine units will fit side-by-side.

Zoom/MultiLine faxmodems are available through Zoom's value-added resellers and dealers.

ComStar SVD Speakerphone/FaxModem - now both external and internal models

ComStar is a complete communications center for PC-compatible computers. ComStar combines full-featured V.34 33.6 Kbps faxmodem capability with a full-duplex speakerphone, digital answering machine, Simultaneous Voice and Data (SVD), voice mail, VoiceView®, and a convenient speed dialer, all on one easy-to-install single-slot card or compact external case. ComStar is Plug and Play compatible and software configurable. All ComStar models come complete with a high-quality microphone and speaker and software.

The new external model provides all the functionality of the internal model, with external serial port connection and 14 extended status display lights. SVD capability provides simultaneous full-duplex voice and data over a single telephone line, so that a phone conversation can be conducted while data is being exchanged. SVD can send voice conversations or virtually any type of audio waveform, including music.

Suggested retail price for the ComStar internal is $229; for the ComStar external, $259.

Zoom/PC Card™ LAN/FaxModem

The Zoom/PC Card LAN/FaxModem is the perfect traveling companion for professionals on the go and maximizes the capability of laptop computers equipped with PCMCIA Type II or Type III PCMCIA slots on the road and in the office. It is a combination, state-of-the-art, fully Hayes-compatible 28,800 bps V.34 modem and 14,400 bps send/receive fax device plus a high-performance 10BASE-T Ethernet adapter.

Use it on the road with a notebook, palmtop, PDA, or any computer with a compatible PCMCIA slot, as both a landline and cellular send-and-receive fax device and data modem. In the office, use both the V.34 modem and the 10BASE-T ethernet interfaces simultaneously or separately.

The Zoom/PC Card LAN/FaxModem provides "wired" communications when connected to a standard telephone line jack, and "wireless" communications when connected to a cellular telephone. The Zoom/PC Card LAN/FaxModem is cellular ready, with all required cellular circuitry on-board. To assure the highest cellular connectivity and data transfer rates, the Zoom/PC Card LAN/FaxModem includes advanced MNP 10EC Enhanced Cellular hardware and firmware.

The Zoom/PC Card LAN/FaxModem has flash memory, battery-conserving circuitry, and comes with high-quality software.

Suggested retail price for the Zoom/PC Card LAN/FaxModem is $399.

Headquartered in Boston since its establishment in 1977, Zoom Telephonics is a leading designer, producer, and marketer of faxmodems and related products for the home and office.

Zoom Telephonics is publicly traded on NASDAQ (NASDAQ: ZOOM).

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