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Zoom Announces 33,600 bps V.34 Modem Upgrade

Boston, MA, Sept. 5, 1996 - Zoom Telephonics has announced a 33,600 bps upgrade program available now for ZOOM® 28,800 bps V.34X external, V.34I internal, and V.34C PC Card (PCMCIA) faxmodems. Zoom faxmodems using the upgrade are capable of transmitting and receiving data up to 16% faster than 28,800 bps modems when they are communicating with another V.34 33,600 bps modem, assuming a good phone connection. Zoom's 33,600 bps modems can gracefully negotiate to lower speeds when communicating with slower modems or poorer phone lines.

Owners of a V.34X or V.34I model can obtain a 33,600 bps Upgrade Kit, which contains an enhanced 33,600 bps firmware chip and installation instructions, direct from Zoom. For V.34X and V.34I faxmodems purchased after April 1, 1996, the kits are free, with a $10 shipping and handling charge. For V.34X and V.34I faxmodems purchased before April 1, 1996, the kits are $10, plus $10 shipping and handling. Some of the earliest models may require that the upgrade be done at the factory, which will cost $40 plus $10 shipping and handling.

Owners should call Zoom to confirm their date of purchase and the charge for their faxmodem upgrade. Before contacting Zoom, owners should note the response when the ATI6 command is issued in Terminal mode. If the response includes the letters 05BA, you can upgrade your modem yourself with a 33,600 bps Upgrade Kit. However, if the response includes the letters 04BC, the upgrade must be done by the factory.

The "firmware" upgrade for V.34C PCMCIA models, which have flash ROM,will be available via a free download from the Zoom Web site (http://www.zoomtel.com), at no cost, or via a free floppy disk available through the Zoom Sales Dept., with a $10 shipping and handling charge for delivery via U.S. Mail. UPS Blue or Red shipping are available for an additional $10 or $20 charge, respectively.


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