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Zoom/MultiLine FaxModem Certified for Cheyenne FAXserve

Boston, MA, Nov. 18, 1996 - Zoom Telephonics, a leading manufacturer of computer telecommunications equipment, today announced that the new Zoom/MultiLine™ FaxModem has been certified for Cheyenne™ FAXserve™ for NetWare® & GroupWise™.

This certification brings together two leaders in the fax market to offer Value-Added Resellers an improved solution for Novell® network-based fax applications.

If purchased together, the MultiLine from Zoom, known for its high-quality and cost-effective products, and FAXserve for NetWare & GroupWise from Cheyenne Software, known for its superior software solutions, offer VARs an innovative multi-line solution.

The Zoom/MultiLine FaxModem, a new offering from Zoom Business Products, holds up to eight hot-swappable modules in an attractive 1.8" x 7.8" x 10.8" metal case. Each module is a complete Rockwell®-based serial V.34 faxmodem or V.32bis voice/faxmodem. Modules can be removed and added on site in seconds with virtually no downtime, and are individually configurable by system administrators.

The Zoom/MultiLine sets new standards for small size and affordability for multi-modem applications in enterprise applications requiring 4 to 32 faxmodems. Its advanced business features and small size make the Zoom/MultiLine the only true desktop solution for 8 or more modems. In addition, two MultiLine units fit side-by-side on a 19-inch rack-mount shelf and occupy less than 2U of height, giving it the greatest port density of any multi-modem solution available.

"When the Zoom/MultiLine is installed with Cheyenne FAXserve software, it sets a new price point for the features needed for most network fax server applications," said Zoom's President and CEO Frank Manning. "In particular, the lower cost of our 14.4 Kbps voice/faxmodem models enhances the high value of this solution for VARs."

"With our certification of the MultiLine, we welcome Zoom into the family of Cheyenne partners and support them in serving the business market through the VAR channel. VARs will find that the Zoom/MultiLine with FAXserve integrates easily and operates flawlessly," said David Weingard, Director of Business Development for Cheyenne Communication Products. "This hardware/software combination would give VARs a new set of options to sell."

Zoom offers the MultiLine in four standard configurations: 8 V.32bis voice/faxmodem modules (Model 7100-02-00), listing for $1,995 4 V.32bis voice/faxmodem modules and 4 open sites (Model 7101-02-00), listing for $1,250; 8 V.34 faxmodem modules (Model 7110-02-00), listing for $2,595; and 4 V.34 faxmodem modules and 4 open sites (Model 7111-02-00), listing for $1,595. Also available are individual V.34 modem modules (Model 7119-02-00), listing for $319; and V.32bis modules (Model 7109-02-00), listing for $219.

Cheyenne's FAXserve for NetWare & GroupWise is the leader in Novell Network-based fax solutions. Award-winning FAXserve leads the market in Novell Network faxing, and is the only product recommended by Novell for integrated GroupWise faxing.

The Zoom/MultiLine FaxModem with Cheyenne FAXserve software, and any one of many compatible multi-port serial I/O boards, provides a new solution for outbound network fax requirements. The proven reliability of the Zoom/MultiLine and Cheyenne software provides end-users with a powerful, cost-effective network faxing solution.

Zoom Telephonics designs, produces, and markets products that link people and their personal computers through the world's largest network, the international telephone network, and connected networks including the Internet and corporate local area networks. Zoom Telephonics is publicly traded on NASDAQ (NASDAQ: ZOOM). The Zoom Internet Web Site is www.zoomtel.com.

Cheyenne Software, Inc. is an international developer of storage management, security, and communication software solutions for the Windows NT, Novell NetWare, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, UNIX, Macintosh, and OS/2 platforms. Its offerings include Cheyenne® HSM, JETserve™, InocuLAN®, FAXserve™, and its flagship product line, the ARCserve® family of network backup software, among other desktop and enterprise products. Cheyenne's products are distributed though reseller and retail channels, original equipment manufacturers, and a direct sales force. Cheyenne can be contacted at (800)243-9462 (U.S. or Canada) or (516)465-4000, or by visiting its WWW home page at: www.cheyenne.com

For more information please contact Zoom Business Products at 1-800-631-3116 or visit our Web Site at www.zoomtel.com


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