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Zoom/FaxModem 56Kx Receives "BUY IT" Award from CNET
"Its internal and external K56flex™ offerings performed spectacularly well"

Boston, MA, September 15, 1997 - The Zoom/FaxModem™ 56Kx received one of two "BUY IT" awards from CNET in its September 4th review of twenty-three 56K modems.

CNET tested 12 modems that use K56flex™ technology from Rockwell/Lucent and 11 that use U.S. Robotics' x2™ technology. It awarded a "Buy It" Award to the fastest modem using K56flex technology, the Zoom/FaxModem 56Kx, and to the fastest using x2 technology, the USR Courier V.Everything.

"Zoom Telephonics has come out swinging in the 56-Kbps arena," according to the CNET review. "Its internal and external K56flex offerings performed spectacularly well, proved adept at handling line distortion, and are priced well below $200. If you want a K56flex modem, they don't get better than these." The U.S. Robotics Courier V.Everything external has a suggested retail price of $395. CNET did not review the U.S. Robotics Sportster, the lower priced model most commonly found in retail stores.

"The CNET network includes ten web sites and five TV programs with an estimated weekly audience of 8 million viewers. The programs air on the USA Network, the Sci-Fi Channel and also in national syndication.

"This award reflects Zoom's commitment to outstanding engineering," said Frank Manning, Zoom's President and CEO. "Last month Data Communications awarded our Zoom/FaxModem 56Kx with its 'Tester's Choice' award, and this month we've been honored by CNET. It's gratifying to be recognized for the care and skill we bring to the design of our products."

For more information about Zoom's 56K products or other products manufactured by Zoom, please call Zoom toll-free at 1-800-631-3116 or visit the Zoom web site at www.zoomtel.com

CNET: The Computer Network (Nasdaq: CNWK) was founded in 1992. Its properties include CNET.COM, CNET Radio, SHAREWARE.COM, SEARCH.COM, NEWS.COM, ACTIVEX.COM, DOWNLOAD.COM, GAMECENTER.COM, BUYDIRECT.COM, Mediadome (in collaboration with the Intel Corporation), CNET Central, Tech Briefs, The Web, The New Edge, and TV.COM.

Zoom Telephonics designs, produces, and markets products that link people and their personal computers through the world's largest network, the international telephone network, and connected networks including the Internet and corporate local area networks. Zoom Telephonics is publicly traded on Nasdaq (NASDAQ: ZOOM). Zoom products are produced in Boston, Massachusetts and sold worldwide.


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