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Zoom TribeStar IP Now Includes IP Support and Patch Panel
Economical switched hub connects LocalTalk® and Ethernet Networks

Boston, MA, October 27, 1997 - Zoom's TribeStar is a proven solution for connecting Macintosh® computers or other LocalTalk devices to an Ethernet network. The new TribeStar IP model features full TCP/IP support and includes an easy-to-install 8-port patch panel.

TribeStar IP provides Mac users with access to Ethernet-connected UNIX servers and TCP/IP services such as Internet access and e-mail, without the need for a separate MacIP gateway. TribeStar IP also enables Ethernet users to access LocalTalk devices such as printers, plotters, and modems.

"TribeStar IP offers schools or businesses using LocalTalk with a powerful, economical alternative to a complete Ethernet upgrade," said Frank Manning, President and CEO of Zoom. "Building on the TribeStar's award-winning ability to bridge LocalTalk and Ethernet networks, the TribeStar IP now provides TCP/IP support at no extra cost."

TribeStar IP is a switching hub with eight packet-switched 230,400 Kbps LocalTalk ports and one 10 Mbps Ethernet port. TribeStar IP can create a path between established LocalTalk and Ethernet networks that is eight times broader than a typical hub or router, eliminating slow hub or router bottlenecks. In addition, TribeStar IP eliminates the need to rewire or to install Ethernet cards when connecting LocalTalk devices to an Ethernet network. TribeStar IP is easier to administer than a router because it dynamically assigns IP addresses to nodes on the LocalTalk or Ethernet networks as they are needed with no administrative overhead.

One TribeStar IP unit can handle eight simultaneous connections between LocalTalk users and Ethernet services. Up to 4 users can share each 230,400 Kbps LocalTalk port, so that one TribeStar IP can provide up to 32 Macintosh users direct access to TCP/IP services. A network of 8 TribeStar IPs can support up to 254 nodes before requiring a router.

Because TribeStar IP processes concurrent LocalTalk signals by packet-switching among its eight LocalTalk ports, it is much faster than ordinary LocalTalk hubs, which can usually handle only one signal at a time. In addition, a TribeStar IP can create up to 16 different AppleTalk zones on the Ethernet network to enhance access by LocalTalk devices. As a result, replacing a Farallon® StarController® or similar network hub with a TribeStar IP can significantly upgrade LocalTalk network performance. TribeStar IP also supports Macintosh Open Transport communications architecture.

About the size of a notebook computer, TribeStar IP is easy to install. Its Ethernet port connects to 10BaseT, Thinnet, or Thicknet via a standard external Ethernet transceiver. The LocalTalk ports connect to the network via a small, 8-input, 8-port patch panel, which is included with each TribeStar IP. (A larger 32-input 8-port patch panel is also available.) A standard punchdown block can also be used.

The Zoom TribeStar IP is available through VARs or direct from Zoom at a suggested retail price of $1649.

For more information about TribeStar IP or other Zoom computer communications products, call Zoom toll-free at 1-800-631-3116 or visit the Zoom web site at www.zoomtel.com

Zoom Telephonics designs, produces, and markets faxmodems, ISDN products, and other products that link people and their personal computers through the world's largest network, the international telephone network, and connected networks including the Internet and corporate local area networks. Zoom Telephonics is publicly traded on Nasdaq (NASDAQ: ZOOM). Zoom products are produced in Boston, Massachusetts and sold worldwide.


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