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Zoom® Ships Zoom/Video™ Cam Full-Color Full-Motion Camera
Digital camera for Windows® 95 plugs into any Zoom/Video Ready faxmodem or included Zoom/Video capture card

Boston, MA, November 11, 1997 - Zoom Telephonics, a leading manufacturer of computer communications equipment, has announced that it is shipping the Zoom/Video Cam, an affordable full-color, full-motion video camera for Windows 95 computers.

The Zoom/Video Cam is a complete solution for videomail, videophone, video meetings, and still image capture. It plugs into the included ISA capture card or directly into the video jack on any Zoom/Video Ready faxmodem.

Real-time full-motion video can be sent through the dial-up telephone network or over the Internet with any V.80-compatible modem, including most popular 33.6 and 56K faxmodems and all Zoom/Video Ready FaxModems.

Video mail is sent as easily as regular e-mail-just attach a video file to e-mail messages. Zoom's video software automatically attaches a "player" application program to outgoing video mail so that it can be viewed on a recipient's Windows PC without any special hardware or software.

The Zoom/Video Cam comes with everything needed to get started, including a microphone and a ZoomLink™ CD-ROM containing SmithMicro® VideoLink and BoxTop iVisit™ software. VideoLink provides videomail, real-time video over the Internet (H.323) and dial-up network (H.324), and still image capture; and iVisit provides multi-user video chat. The Zoom/Video Cam is compatible with Microsoft® NetMeetingĀ, Intel® Video Phone, White Pine CU-SeeMe®, and other H.323 and H.324 compatible software.

"The Zoom/Video Cam provides the end-user with hardware and software for a wide range of video applications on Windows 95 systems," said Terry Manning, Zoom's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "When bought with a Zoom/Video Ready internal faxmodem, it's an easily installed single-slot video solution for connecting users over the Internet or point-to-point. Our camera makes an ideal gift. It will be widely available at major retailers such as Computer City, CDW, MicroWarehouse, PC Connection; and through distributors including Ingram and Tech Data in North America, and internationally through Northamber, Actebis, Frank & Walter and others." Zoom/Video Ready faxmodems are available now in the U.S. and Canada, Australia, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the U.K.

The Zoom/Video Cam uses an advanced CMOS array to provide high-resolution color images for live action video and fast point-and-click image capture. Real-time video can be used for videoconferencing, home security, quality control, and remote problem solving. Image capture can be used for graphic design, Web site development, desktop publishing, and to enhance manufacturing and engineering documentation.

The palm-sized Zoom/Video Cam is only about 1-7/8 inches deep by 3-1/4 inches wide by 2-1/2 inches high. Its ergonomic design is at home on a monitor, desk, or other flat surface. The weighted base provides excellent stability, and it can also be used with a standard camera tripod.

The Zoom/Video Cam has a high-quality f1.9 multi-element anti-reflection coated lens. Focus is adjustable from 2 inches to infinity and the field of view is a wide 50°, enabling users to photograph or show fine detail, an entire room, or a landscape. The Zoom/Video Cam automatically adjusts for exposure, gain, black level calibration, and fluorescent light "flicker" to assure excellent performance over a wide range of lighting conditions. Frame rate is software-selectable for up to 15 frames per second.

The Zoom/Video Cam has U.S. and worldwide regulatory approvals including FCC Part 15B, UL Listing, and CE Approval. It has an estimated retail price of $129. Customers with a Zoom/Video Ready faxmodem do not require the included capture card and can receive a $20 rebate by returning the unused capture card to Zoom.

For more information about the Zoom/Video Cam or other products manufactured by Zoom, please call Zoom toll-free at 1-800-631-3116 or visit the Zoom web site at www.zoomtel.com

Zoom Telephonics designs, produces, and markets faxmodems, ISDN products, and other products that link people and their personal computers through the world's largest network, the international telephone network, and connected networks including the Internet and corporate local area networks. Zoom Telephonics is publicly traded on Nasdaq (NASDAQ: ZOOM). Zoom products are produced in Boston, Massachusetts and sold worldwide.


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