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Zoom Telephonics Joins WECA Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance
Long-term Commitment to 802.11 DSSS Product Strategy Is Emphasized

Boston, MA, September 15, 1999 -- Zoom Telephonics Inc., (NASDAQ: ZOOM) has announced its membership in the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance (WECA), a recently formed industry organization which promotes and certifies interoperability of IEEE 802.11 High Rate wireless LAN products. The 802.11 High Rate standard is an extension of 802.11 DSSS.

"Zoom has been shipping 802.11 DSSS products since 1998, and they are an extremely important part of our product strategy," said Frank Manning, Zoom's president and CEO. "Our vision is to provide broadband links to the Internet using cable modem and DSL technology, and to distribute that bandwidth to computers and Internet appliances in the home or office with low-cost, high-performance wireless networking. Zoom is already shipping or planning to ship the key products that make that vision a reality."

"WECA's emergence reflects the dramatic upcoming improvements in speed and cost for 802.11 DSSS wireless technology," Manning continued. "Those improvements will move 802.11 DSSS from vertical markets to high-volume horizontal markets. We believe that Zooms product strategy, engineering and production strength, and marketing channels position us very well for growth fueled by wireless and broadband demand."

Zoom is currently shipping 802.11 DSSS PCMCIA and ISA network interface cards, wireless access points which bridge between wired and wireless networks, and antennas which expand the range of 802.11 DSSS wireless networks. Soon Zoom will ship 802.11 HR products that incorporate wireless networking into routers with ISDN, cable modems and other broadband Internet access technologies.

"WECA serves as a catalyst for the widespread standardization and deployment of IEEE 802.11 HR wireless LAN products," said Phil Belanger, WECA Chairman. "As the first truly global standard to emerge, it will safeguard the investment of customers who expect multi-vendor interoperability as they build wireless LANs in an ever-evolving communications environment."

Zoom Telephonics, a communications leader since 1977, designs, produces and markets modems, wireless LAN products, and other products that link people and their personal computers through the world's largest network, the international telephone network, and connected networks including the Internet and corporate local area networks. Zoom and Hayes are two of the company's powerful brand names.

Zoom Telephonics is publicly traded on NASDAQ (NASDAQ: ZOOM). Zoom and Hayes brand products are produced in Boston, Massachusetts and sold worldwide.

WECA is a non-profit organization formed in 1999 to certify interoperability of IEEE 802.11High Rate wireless LAN products and to promote that standard for enterprise, small business, public and home markets. WECA has defined a test suite against which member products are tested to certify that they are interoperable with other vendor products. An independent lab will conduct testing. Products that successfully pass are granted the WECA seal of interoperability.

Press Contact:
Beth McElveen

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