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Reviews & Awards

June 2006
Zoom’s Gamepoint! wireless adapter offers solid support for console play

The adapter offers very solid performance, with no lag or dips in connection. Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence’s great online mode was tested on the PS2, and the game’s connection was fluid and showed no breaks. Halo 2 was tested on the Xbox (and, seriously, why wouldn’t it be?), and the game played very smoothly, which was a godsend considering the game’s fast pace and intense gameplay.

February 2006
Internet Telephony
Best in Show Award

"Zoom’s new ATAs are focused squarely on the needs of Internet Telephone Service providers and their customers, with excellent performance at an extremely competitive price. In addition, Model 5801’s TelePort feature opens up new markets to service providers with an easily implemented solution to E911. Our new ATAs are also designed for integrators of SIP-based PBX systems, including the popular Asterisktm IP PBX."

July 2005
Computer Bob

"It's been over 3 1/2 years since I wrote this review, and I'm still using my Zoom 3049 as my only modem"

July 2005

"The V3 is a multiuse device that works with either ADSL or a Cable Modem as a 4-port switching hub, router and firewall; it has a a phone jack for VoIP functionality. It gets by 911 issues by allowing a phone set to use either the regular Public Network or the Internet."

March 2005
SmartComputing Magazine

"Installing and configuring the X5v to work with your existing DSL connection is relatively trouble free, particularly with Windows XP. After the setup, the modem worked flawlessly.....in our tests all VoIP calls were clear and strong, and in some cases, served better signals than those available using POTS. Keeping track of your calls via the Global Village site is also a nice touch, letting you see missed calls in addition to your outgoing and incoming calls."

February 2005
Internet Telephony Magazine
Editors Choice Award

"Installing the X5v was a breeze, especially when using the Quick Start step-by-step guide - a true plug and play experience. The WEB interface was extremely easy to navigate. The phone port is an intelligent relay that allows an analog phone to place and receive both VoIP calls and calls over the PSTN. PSTN Fail-Over allows the X5v to automatically route calls over the dial-up phone network when power is lost. When using emergency dialing services like 911, it will route over the PSTN thus negating the need for E911. One unique aspect of Zoom's product is there is no monthly commitment - you don't have to pay a monthly fee for unlimited VoIP calling."

January 2005

"The most impressive aspect of the X5v is the quality of the VoIP calls. All calls were crystal clear. The ZoomTel X5v is the first affordable VoIP solution to arrive at TrustedReviews."

January 2005

"This is a clever stystem that can make VoIP as simple to use as your standard telephone - you don't even need to have your computer turned on."

January 2005
Science and Technology
The Independent Review

"The sound quality is great....though it looks just like any other ADSL modem, the X5v carries the seeds of a revolution - one which threatens the phone companies ancient billing models."

November 2004
Digital Connect

"Home integrators looking for the next big opportunity need look no further than VoIP. The Zoom X5v includes a subscription to Global Village, a VoIP phone service that's fast and easy to implement. Zoom's converged solution brings Internet access, VoIP service and standard telephone access together in one device."

August 2004

"I found the modem to be extremely easy to set up and very reliable...it nicely fills a gap that still exists in this connected world."

March 2004

"Setting up the modem is a breeze...it took less than 2 minutes from unwrapping the box to be online. It constantly gave me 53Kbps connections to the internet...even at distances up to 70 meters between the modem and PC."

February 2004
Dingbat "Cool Tools"

"Best known for their superior modems, ZOOM has a whole line of inexpensive digital cameras. Our favorite is the portable USB DualCam1300 which is both still and video camera. Use it as a Web cam, or take it on the road. We particularly like the addition of a handy Pan-and-Tilt tripod and easy camera-suite software from ArcSoft. And hey, they even include batteries. If you're new to digital photography, you can't go wrong with this very snappy package from ZOOM."

January 2004

"Why am I so enthusiastic about this Bluetooth product? Because it worked straight out of the box in less than three minutes... after using this Bluetooth modem for a week for the freedom of being connected anywhere in the house, I can certainly recommend it. It not only has benefits for travelers with laptops or PDA's but for small office and home office users too."

December 2003
Home Office Reports

"The Zoom modems support all the standards you'd like and add VERY nice extras like surge protection, power protection, automated adaptation of the modem to a country's phone system, voice mail systems with multiple mailboxes - and much, much more! The Bluetooth product looks like a real winner to us. We highly recommend products from this company."

October 2003
Mac Home

"The Zoom ADSL modem is fast and well-supported for Mac users."

September 2003
TMC Labs - Internet Telephony Editor's Choice Award

" ...we were pleased to learn about the Zoom Dialer device that simply connects to your phone line and provides 'Store and Forward Least Cost Routing (LCR)' capabilities. The dialer automates this process by allowing the customer to simply dial the 11-digit phone number they wish to reach. The dialer stores the user-dialed number and then automatically dials the 800 number, waits and listens for a voice prompt, then dials the PIN number. Lastly, the dialer forwards the user dialed number. By taking advantage of their "store and forward" capabilities, the dialer can perform least cost routing as programmed by the operator of the software."

August 2003
The Prepaid Press - on the Zoom Dialer

"The Prepaid Press was recently sent a prototype of the Zoom Dialer EZ to try out. I must admit, for anyone whose primary method for home-based long distance calling is via a prepaid phone card, it is a no brainer. The Zoom Dialer EZ takes the effort out of phone card use. Aside from the slight delay that is associated with the passing of the digits, the calls completed seamlessly.

The neatest feature about the Dialer 24 is Zoom's patented parallel technology. This allowed me to plug in the dialer behind my bedroom phone and yet it still worked from all of my other phones.

April 2003
GameZone Online - on the Zoom X4 ADSL Modem/Router/Gateway

"This is a wonderful device that really allows players the option of avoiding swapping lines every time they wish to transition from playing online with a computer and/or console to another system. Yes, this is a device that has great practical applications to networked systems that are not involved in online gaming. But if you are one of those who have several platforms with online capability, this is the router that you want to use. It is affordable and solves the problem of spending time with the dust bunnies while you switch lines around to activate different units.

The protection afforded by the system is wonderful, but the way that this unit allows for multiple platforms to route through it is the real draw.

And as far as reliability is concerned, the system has been going strong 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for several weeks without a failure, and no slowdown in moving from one platform to another for online play."

mygamer.com - on the Zoom X4 ADSL Modem/Router/Gateway

"My pleasure level went through the roof after I installed the Zoom X4....the Zoom X4 far exceeded my expectations...it's performance and options put it a far step ahead of the competition."

February 2003
Webuser Gold Award - 5 Stars

The Zoom ADSL modem is a good all-rounder that comes with everything you need included, is easy to set up and use and performs perfectly once you've got it going.

January 2003
Envy News

Zoom, owner of the famous Hayes modem namesake, has been making quality connectivity hardware for several years. They have a wide range of broadband and narrowband hardware that is geared for longevity and functionality. The modem in this review is no exception. The 3049C modem, a serial-driven controller-based modem, is the latest in this line. It combines v.92 and v.44 standards with patented ZoomGuard™ lightening and voltage protection to provide the best possible to solution for people that would enjoy the latest in technology without having to mess around inside their cases. The Model 3049C has a sleek look, great features, and acceptable performance. The modem has an easy to learn diagnostic light display, hooks up easily to a serial port without taking up another IRQ, and doesn't hamper overclocking like some PCI cards have been known to do. The only issue is one not even involved with the modem itself — lack of widespread v.92 connection options. When you take all of this into account, from design to performance to features, this modem is definitely a value for those that live in range of v.92 enabled ISPs.

December 2002
Photographic Magazine

One of the most popular Webcams is Zoom's Model 1598 USB camera. The ZoomCam is designed to capture excellent video in low-lit situations where additional lighting is not feasible. This ability makes it ideal as a surveillance camera. Although it supports a snapshot mode where individual frames can be saved, the ZoomCam really shines as a video conferencing device.

November 2002
www.computerBob.com - Zoom Model 3049 V.92/V.44 external modem

"The Zoom 3049c is very solidly built modem that performs exactly as advertised. It was easy to install and included optional software for sending/receiving faxes directly from your computer and using the modem for voice mail, plus it also included software for image editing, preventing pop-up advertisements, and signing up for America Online (which I don't recommend). I highly recommend the Zoom 3049c modem to anyone who's looking to replace their older modem with a newer, faster one; to anyone who wants to save time when they do uploads and downloads; and to anyone who wants or needs the Modem on Hold feature. Now that I've completed this review, I'm going to uninstall my older internal V.90 modem, and make the Zoom 3049c my only modem."

September 2002
ComputerEdge Magazine - ZoomAir 4165 Wireless Gateway

"Zoom Telephonics 4165 does a great job of hiding the complexities of wired and wireless networking behind an intuitive, easy to use interface. It supports both wired and wireless networking to deliver sophisticated networking solutions."

July 2002
MacWorld Magazine - ZoomAir Internet Gateway - 4165

"The ZoomAir IG-4165, with AppleTalk support, Mac-specific documentation and its two port Ethernet switch comes close to (and sometimes outdoes) the Airport Basestation in features and it costs $100 less."

June 2002

"If you're in the market for an external modem, going with the Zoom/Modem V.92 USB Mini would be a good choice. Its USB interface means easy installation and its diminutive size makes it a very portable device."

April 2002
ZDNet Editors' Choice - ZoomAir Internet Gateway IG-4165

"Great product all round, highest throughout, highly featured, uncomplicated set-up"

April 2002
WWW.CABLEMODEMINFO.COM - Zoom 5041 USB/Ethernet Cable Modem

"The modem is small and sleek....we really liked the variable mounting features...solid, fast and a great price."

March 2002
Zoom Model 2985 External USB faxmodem

"The Zoom brand of modems are a great choice. They are quality modems with an outstanding feature set. I couldn't have been happier with the Zoom USB."

February 2002

"This unit rocks! The latest offering from Zoom in their "ZoomAir" line of wireless products does not fall short in any category. It is packed with features and is very easy to set up and administer."

January 2002
WWW.HOMENETHELP.COM - ZoomAir Gateway 4165

"Security is somewhere this router kind of shines. A nice balance between security, usability and flexability has been reached"

November 2001
WWW.8WIRE.COM - ZoomCam USB Model 1595

"The ZoomCam is unique in several ways"

"You can tilt it 360 degrees when mounted with either the clip or the velcro strap"

"It is very small and has a button on top for taking small pictures and also has a manual focus control"

August 2001

"Good performance in all tested ranges"

"No WEB enabled throuput degradation with either 64 or 128bit WEP"

"PCI version has connector with cabled antenna" "Bundled Sygate Internet sharing software is an added bonus"

April 2001
WWW.CONNECTEDHOMEMAG.COM - Zoom Into the Wireless Age, from Connectedhome online...

"Setting up the NIC's was simple"

"Suddenly my wife is borrowing my notebook to play along with the TV show she's watching"

"I'm listening to the BBS World News over the Internet rather than my shortwave"

April 2001
Signal-Ground review of Zoom Controller Based 56K USB Modem (Model 2985)

"Zoom is one of the leading manufacturers of dial-up modem products and one of our favorites at Signal Ground, because we have had great success getting their models working under LINUX."

"Windows Me also tests well; Me finds the drivers on the Zoom CD and then the Zoom 56K USB is configured for operation. Overall this is simple and straight forward."

"The Zoom 56K USB modem is a very high quality USB modem, with an excellent warranty and their patented ZoomGuard surge protection makes this modem a smart purchase."

January 2001

System optimization for power users and IT professionals

Review of ZoomAir wireless networking:

"Zoom has created a great product for inexpensive and flexible networking for home and small business. With the addition of ZoomAir hardware and software Access Points, large areas may be encompassed for wireless accessœ"

"It all comes down to flexibility. High speed wireless networking allows users to move about and stay connected where wired LANs cannot."

November 2000
Review of Zoom Controller Based 56K PCI Modem (Model 2920):

"Great fit for your LINUX system and also works well in Windows or dual boot LINUX/Windows PC systems. I'm a firm believer in hardware based modems and this was one of the better models I've had the pleasure of using. Signal-Ground highly recommends this modem."

April 2000
Laptop Buyers Guide

"Zoom Telephonics has one of the most complete wireless networking offerings, and is definitely oriented to the business/office user."

February 2000
Mobile Computing & Communications Magazine found Zoom's PC Card DualMode FaxModem:

"Easy to use and of high quality." Model 2975 performed amongst the highest speeds in this publication's extensive round up.

January 2000

"We've worked with most of the 802.11 wireless products on the market and we prefer ZoomAir. Robust, flexible and affordable." - Charles Ambrosecchia of Master Net, Port Chester, NY

ABS Selects Zoom Modems for Award-Winning Computer System Line:

"Zoom's traditionally high product quality and value led us to choose their faxmodems ... Zoom faxmodems offer solid, robust performance and great ease of installation. The Zoom modems represent terrific value for money and are a perfect complement to our computers."

December 1999

"The ZoomAir products work very well indeed and proved to be compatible with Nortel Baystack wireless product."

November 1999

Peter Butler of Russet Wireless Group in Lawrence, MA reports "I've looked at all of the wireless LAN products on the market and I am most impressed with Zoom's design."

"We recommend the Zoom/Fax/Modem 56K USB Modem. Considering all its features, performance, and seven year warranty. We give it a FIVESTAR rating".

Byte Magazine

"Zoom makes a neat line of modems and this is one of them. The Zoom USB modem is the first decent USB Modem that I've tried."

September & October 1999
PC World

According to PC World Magazine, the Zoom FaxModem 56K Dualmode Model 2919 "remains king of the internal modems for a second month running."

Zoom's new Lucent chip set-based, ISA card fax modem appeared as the "Best Buy" heading the magazine's "Top 10 Modems" list in both the September and October issues. PC World has regularly recognized Zoom's external and internal for PCI modem models as top performers.

Government Computer News

"The Zoom Fax/Modem is reliable and turns in steady, above-average performance."

Mac-Nut Magazine

"I'm impressed with the Zoom/FaxModem 56K USB. It works as advertised and is bundled with some great software. Zoom has made a name for itself by delivering reliable, affordable and compatible equipment to the market."

February 1999
IT Reviews

"As the name would cunningly suggest, these devices, of which this PC Card (formerly PCMCIA) device is one, support two separate technologies. In this case, the modems support K56flex and V.90."

July 1998
Boston Globe

"...I swapped out my old modem for a Zoom 56K Dualmode model. Zoom has done a great job with the voice compression on its hardware: The sound quality was as good as any voice-mail system I've ever used."

April 1998

Editor's Choice Award. "If your ISP prefers K56flex, go with the Zoom/FaxModem 56Kx. It absolutely screams and it has enough status LEDs to keep you amused for hours. Not only does Zoom have a long-standing dedication to the Mac, but its $139 Zoom/FaxModem 56Kx was able to achieve file downloads topping out at a blazing 55Kbps."


Bootworthy Award. "We dig those K56, Fax and MSG lights...There's something to be said for external modems: status lights! It's reassuring when the little blinking light indicates something is happening. And this little guy has no less than 14 LEDs. One potentially cool feature is that Plug-n-Play can be disabled on the internal version and the modem assigned up to COM8 - great for alternate operating systems or for anyone who needs a bit more control. Bundled with the seven-year warranty and flash-memory upgradability is Communicate! Lite software. Distinctive Ring routing and ZoomGuard lightning protection are also standard features. Videophone - ready, it supports ITU H.324-compliant software and the V.80 video standard, assuming you have the appropriate A/V hardware already. The internal speaker is a much appreciated addition."

March 1998
Consumers Digest

Best Buy Award. "This well-designed external modem is fairly easy to install and operate. It's a compact and well-designed peripheral (about the size of a paperback book) that wisely places the power switch up front. Upgrades and enhancements can be downloaded via the Internet. Also impressive is a seven-year standard parts-and-labor warranty. It's available for both PC and Macintosh."

PC Guiden (Sweden)

"When it comes to Zoom Telephonics' modem, the Zoom 56Kx, probably the first thing you notice is the appearance. Only a few manufacturers really put much thought into the design of the modems and Zoom is one of these few. The installation of the modem is very straightforward. With regard to logging on, it is interesting to see how well the modem can handle a poor quality line. It works terrifically. Furthermore, we do not see any sign of the modem losing speed after being logged on for a while, a thing that often happens with other modems. The rates we get in our tests for the Zoom modem show a speed around 44 Kbps. Another positive detail is the indicators on the front of the modem, where not only can you see if you are logged in etc., but also if you are logged in on a 33.6 or 56K line."

February 1998
Internet Telephony -
Zoom/Video Cam Now Shipping

"Zoom Telephonics is currently shipping the Zoom/Video Cam, an affordable full-color, full-motion video camera for computers running Windows 95. The camera is being hailed as a complete solution for video mail, video phone, video meetings, and still image capture. It plugs into the included ISA capture card or directly into the video jack on any Zoom/Video-ready fax modem. Real-time, full-motion video can be snet through the dialup telephone network or over the Internet with any V.80 compatible modem, including many popular 33.6 or 56K fax modems."

Internet Telephony - Zoom Telephonics Access IG & IG Plus

"The Zoom/Access IG product family offers a range of economical solutions for connecting LAN users to the Internet. Using a 128 Kbps ISDN dial-up or Centrex line, LAN users can share access to the Internet. The Zoom/Access IG enables up to five LAN users to concurrently access the Internet. The Zoom/Access IG Plus

January 1998
ISP Today -
Zoom Ships K56flex FaxModems with Programmable DSPs

"Zoom Telephonics has announced that it has begun high-volume shipments of K56Flex fax modems featuring flash memory for down-loading updates for all modem code, including Controller and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) code. Zoom has a DSP that is updated from flash memory instead of being hard-coded. This means that all modem code, both DSP code and Controller code, can be easily modified by the user with simple software commands without touching the modem. This makes it easy to make sure the modem code is the latest and greatest, and to add features including possible upgrades to future standards."

American Facsimile Association

The Zoom/FaxModem 56Kx was named the "Best of Fax" faxmodem by the American Facsimile Association (AFAXA) in the January 30, 1998 Awards Issue of its FAXFocus newsletter. "Solid performance modem. Message waiting light confirms faxes without the need for users to check the fax software for confirmation, extended status reporting with 14 LEDs (Status Indicator Lights), lightning and surge protection, and a seven-year warranty."

December 1997
Better Homes and Gardens

"The Fast Lane - Log on to the Internet and get ready to receive information at a blistering 56,000 bits per second with the K56flex external modem from Zoom Telephonics. This award-winning modem is easy to install and offers fast, reliable connections. It'll save time and cut the cost of pay-by-the-minute online services, too."

PC Welt (Germany)

"The firmware is saved in a flash ROM. This means you can simply update using software which is very important when it comes to 56K modems because at the moment there is no set standard. The modem and software can be installed very easily. Comit 1.45 is an easy terminal program containing the most important functions. The package contents also include Winfax Lite 4.0. There is a 5 year guarantee. The Hotline is situated in England."

November 1997
Computer Player

Zoom/FaxModem 56Kx - "It comes with a litter of software. Connections were in the 42 to 44 Kbps range, and rock solid."

LAN Times - Zoom 56K PC Card Wins "Best of LAN Times" Award

"Zoom is a catchy name for a modem company, and as we soon found out, it's an appropriate one. Overall, we were extremely impressed with the performance of this card. The Zoom Telephonics Inc. 56K PC Card was the clear overall winner, with a solid performance in every environmental condition to which we exposed it. This was a very solid performance and enough to earn the Zoom a Best of LAN Times award."

ZD Internet Magazine - Zoom 56Kx Wins "Net Best" Award

"The 56K modems from Zoom Telephonics (Boston) performed solidly across the board. They were easy to set up, and they include a seven-year warranty. Both modems have cellular phone support (MNP 10), which no other modem we tested can claim. Both modems include operating system support for DOS, Windows 3.x, 95, and NT. They ship with Communicate!, which is one of the better fax and communications packages available. The external modem also supports the Macintosh. The Zoom modems are a good choice from any angle."

October 1997
PC Magazine -
Zoom/FaxModem 56K

"Zoom Telephonics is known for packing extras into its external modems that other vendors pass on, such as lots of status lights. Its K56flex models, the internal Zoom/FaxModem 56K and the external Zoom/FaxModem 56Kx, continue to please in every area. Installing the 56K was easy, either via plug-and-play or through jumpers and software for older systems. Our tests showed the 56K to be among the fastest in its class."

Byte Magazine

Zoom 56Kx named "BYTE BEST"

"Besting not only its K56flex™ companions, but the entire x2™ field as well, the Zoom Telephonics 2849-PC external modem was our overall winner. Its top performance score was boosted by above average usability."

Laptop Buyers Guide and Handbook

"Zoom Telephonics is a major PC modem supplier and the Zoom/PC Card 56K is the latest addition to a long line of excellent communications products."

September 1997
"Zoom Wins 'BUY IT' Award"

"Zoom Telephonics has come out swinging in the 56-Kbps arena. Its internal and external K56flex offerings performed spectacularly well, proved adept at handling line distortion, and are priced well below $200. If you want a K56flex modem, they don't get better than these. Their outstanding performance definitely earns them our heartfelt recommendation."

Computer Retail Week

"Zoom Telephonics became one of the first modem suppliers to offer a $99 internal 56K-bps modem early this month, when it began shipping its Zoom/FaxModem 56Kv. The new product is helping the company close its own sales gap between 56K-bps and 33.6K-bps fax modems."

Home Office/Small Business Computing

"Unsure if or when your phone company can run a super-fast ISDN line to your office? For $319, Zoom Telephonics' ISDN Duo offers PC owners the ability to buy now and add ISDN later."

PC World

V.34I Plus wins "BEST BUY" three months in a row

Small Business Opportunities

"Zoom Telephonics, Inc. has shipped the new Zoom/ISDN Duo. It includes anintegrated V.34 33,600 bps fax modem to allow users to communicate with analog modems, fax modems and fax machines over an ISDN or analog line."

August 1997
Data Communications

"Zoom Wins 'Tester's Choice' Award"

"The external version of the Zoom/Faxmodem 56K yielded the highest data rate of any K56flex product and the highest average rate across all tests. K56flex modems fared better than their x2 counterparts, completing 94 percent of all impairment tests successfully. The x2 modems completed only 77 percent."

Journal of Commerce

"The fastest [of the K56flex modems] was the Zoom ComStar at about 52,000bps, edging out the Hayes Accura and Diamond's Supra Express."

PC World

V.34I Plus wins "BEST BUY" two months in a row

"Flawless installation, cheapest modem on the chart, cross-ship replacement, very fast, seven-year warranty...The Zoom is a great general-purpose budget modem...."

Laptop Buyers Guide and Handbook

"Zoom Telephonics Inc. started out making modem and network adapters for desktop PCs. Its latest crop of PC Card adapters continues a long tradition of low-cost, high-value products."

Northeast Export Magazine

"Zoom Telephonics, a Boston manufacturer of fax modems and other wide area network computer communications equipment, has opened two European sales offices, one in London, England and the other in Munich, Germany."

New York Times

"Waiting in the wings at Zoom is an array of new products. For example, a combination modem-camera that should initially sell for about $200 will allow Internet users to hold teleconferences over their PCs and to send video E-mail."

PC Week

"Zoom's $229 PC Card 56K modem, shipping now, uses flash memory for a non-board digital signal processor. This will enable users to plug in a software upgrade when a new standard for 56K-bps modems becomes available early next year."

July 1997
The Shopping Bag

"We tried the Zoom/FaxModem 56Kx Model 2849 (available from CompUSA $169), an external modem that uses the K56flex protocol. The modem works effortlessly with on-line services, BBSs and fax. This modem boasts programmable DSP (digital signal processing), allowing easy upgrading with just software from the Zoom BBS or Web site. This kind of programmability is the best hedge against new standards in this rapidly evolving technology."

Twice Magazine

"Moving beyond its primary target market of modems, Zoom Telephonics is introducing the Zoom/Video System, a low-cost CMOS camera that works with either a video faxmodem or video capture card for use in video e-mail,video telephony and video conferencing."

Computer Buyers Guide and Handbook

"The Zoom/ISDN Duo is the internal ISDN TA you'll want if you're still waiting for the ISDN installer to arrive, because the Duo will not be sitting in its box. It is the only ISDN TA to support both digital ISDN connections and analog telephone connections on different lines! That's right, the Duo has an RJ-45 jack for the integrated NT-1 ISDN U interface, plus an RJ-11 telephone jack. A copy of Cheyenne Bitware F/D/V software provides complete analog support, including the voice mailbox capabilities, making the Duo a complete small-office solution. The Owner's Manual is complemented with a handy Quick Start Guide. Flash memory allows for future upgrades. The Duo also comes with a telephone handset you can mount on the side of a monitor or other convenient spot. The Duo is a great TA that literally does it all."

PC World

Zoom FaxModem V.34I Plus Wins "BEST BUY" Award

"Fast; seven-year warranty; very inexpensive. This is a fine general-purpose modem. It installed flawlessly. We inserted the modem, booted the system, and stepped through the Add New Hardware Wizard until the process was complete. The company will also cross-ship replace your modem and offers tech support 14.5 hours a day during the week and 8 hours on Saturdays -- extensive compared to other companies' policies."

June 1997
Success Magazine

"Choosing an external modem can be a difficult proposition these days. Several companies -- Global Village, U.S. Robotics, Zoom, Diamond, and Logicode -- make excellent, reliable modems."

May 1997
Computer Reseller News

"The ISDN/Duo lived up to its name, and zoomed past most others in four of six file-transfer test.... Using only PPP compression, its fastest transfer rate exceeded the expected 128-Kbps maximum ISDN throughput by nearly 25 percent.... Also unlike others, the unit includes Cheyenne Software's Bitware Fax/Data/Voice software suite."

April 1997
PC Gamer

"Zoom has always been known as a contender in the PC modem arena. Its latest offering is no disappoin™ent, and makes a worthy opponent in this new class of simultaneous voice and data modems."


"Orion's VoiceFX software and the Zoom/MultiLine from Zoom Telephonics together provide a complete, affordable, voice messaging package."

March 1997
Al Frank Asset Management

"Zoom is well positioned to land a good share of the 56K demand as its original equipment (OEM) business grew to 19% of revenues in '96 and its distribution channels now include CompUSA and MicroAge."

Computer Retail Week

"The road can be a lonely place, but with Zoom Telephonics' Zoom/PC Card LAN/FaxModem, business users have no excuse for not checking in with the mother ship."

Computer Shopper

"The Zoom V.34X Plus...includes a whopping 14 LED status lights and features built-in power surge and lightning protection...Good interoperability scores indicate that it is likely to perform pretty well when connecting with other modems. If you need full duplex speakerphone capabilities, Zoom offers the ComStar SVD, which sells for an estimated street price of $169 [currently $119]."

PC Computing

Zoom V.34X Plus receives 3 STARS out of 5 in Modem Express. "Good usability, great price...inexpensive and easy connections."

PC World

Zoom V.34X Plus listed in Top 5 External Modems
Zoom V.34C Plus listed in Top 5 PC-Cards BYTE V.34X Plus wins BYTE BEST

February 1997

"ZOOM: is the Best/Most Underpaid Stock on Nasdaq." "We think the new 56K modem technology will be a boon to Zoom - even though other companies might capture more of the market. We'd buy up to 10 3/8."

Dow Jones Investor Network

"Zoom Telephonics in Distribution Agreement with MicroAge."

PC World

Zoom V.341 Plus listed in Top 10 Internal Modems

January 1997
Desktop Engineering Magazine

"The MultiLine from Zoom (Boston, MA) is a space-saving desktop solution for fax modem and voice/fax modem applications requiring four to eight ports."

Managing Office Technology

"The Zoom/MultiLine FaxModem is a space-saving desktop solution for fax/modem and voice/faxmodem applications requiring four to eight ports."

PC World

Zoom V.34C Listed in Top 5 PC Card Modems
V.34I listed in Top 5 Internal Desktop Modems

The Shopping Bag

"The Zoom ComStar with directory dialing, speakerphone, voice-mail system and fax-on-demand is a very inexpensive way to have these features available and can be a time saver for businesses, organizations and individuals alike."

U.S. Tech

"Are You Ready for ISDN?" "For those who are contemplating a move to ISDN, the new Zoom ISDN product line provides a well-thought out feature set at a competitive price."

December 1996
PC World

Zoom V.34I Plus listed in Top 10 Modems

November 1996
Computer Buyers Guide and Handbook

"We highly recommend the Zoom V.34 fax modem, not only for its speed, but for the support and the company that stands behind it."

Financial World

Zoom listed as #22 in "100 Hottest Small Companies"

PC World

Zoom V.34I listed in Top 5 Modems

Sonett Financial

"Zooming in on Savings: Leading fax modem manufacturer repatriates foreign cost effectively with FXCHANGE."

October 1996
PC World

Zoom V.34C wins Best Buy 8 months in a row
Zoom V.34X listed in Top 5 Modems


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000733  2006-06-22