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Zoom ADSL Modem USB
External for Windows 98/2000

About the Zoom ADSL Modem USB
Model 5510

ADSL 5510 - ProductThe Zoom ADSL Modem USB Model 5510 is a multi-mode Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) data modem that delivers up to 8 Mbps data transport over existing copper wire lines. The Zoom ADSL Modem supports a wide range of ADSL line codes.

An adaptive data rate capability can automatically set transmission speed using algorithms that detect the signal quality of the telephone line. The variable data rate and line code capability supports a broad range of infrastructure conditions, including loops with bridge taps, significant crosstalk, and AM radio interference. Downstream and upstream data rates can also be fixed with a manual mode.

The Zoom ADSL Modem USB is designed for easy consumer installation through a Windows 98 or Windows 2000 computer's USB port. The Zoom ADSL Modem USB is capable of transmission of ADSL without disturbing phone service on the same telephone line or transmission of ADSL without disturbing ISDN on the same ISDN line. Additionally, the Zoom ADSL Modem is software upgradeable to support service and performance enhancements.

The ITU line codes supported include ANSI T1.413 issue 2, G.DMT (ITU G992.1), G.Lite (ITU G992.2). No external voice/data splitter is required in G.Lite mode. A Zoom ADSL modem that adds CAP capability is also available.


  • Supports T1.413i2, G.DMT, G.Lite, G.992 Annex A. A separate model with CAP line coding is available.
  • USB port interface for fast, easy installation (no external power supply needed).
  • Supports splitterless user installation is G.Lite mode.
  • Supports up to 16 simultaneous ATM virtual connections
  • Upgradeable by software download
  • Backed by Zoom's extensive manufacturing and support experience

Model Summary

Zoom ADSL Modem USB
External with USB Interface
Model 5510

Technical Specifications

Standards Supported*

  • ANSI T1.413 Issue 2

  • ITU G.992.1 (G.DMT)

  • ITU G.992.2 (G.Lite)

  • ITU G.992 Annex A
    * A model with T1 TR-59 CAP support is also available

Protocols Supported
(Requests for comments)

  • RFC 1483
     Multiprotocol  encapsulation over AAL5 (ATM Adaptation Layer 5)

  • RFC 1577 Classical IP

  • RFC 2364 PPP over ATM

ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) Traffic Types Supported

  • UBR (Unspecified Bit Rate)

  • CBR (Constant Bit Rate)

  • VBR (Variable Bit Rate)

Maximum DMT Data Rates (Payload Bit Rates)
Upstream Downstream
ANSI T1.413 and
ITU G.992.1 (G.DMT)
1024K bits per second 8192K bits per second
ITU G.992.2 (G.Lite) 512K bits per second 1536K bits per second
Operating and Environmental Parameters
System Requirements Pentium Class PC with USB port and Windows 98 or Windows 2000 operating system
Power Requirements Bus-powered; no external power supply required
Power Consumption 2.35W typical
Operating Temperature 0° to 40° C
Dimensions 5.25" (13.3cm) W x 1.5" (3.8cm) H x 6.5" (16.5cm) D
Installation Desktop
Regulatory UL, C-UL
FCC Part 15, class B
Industry Canada

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