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Zoom/Modem Internal PCI SoftModem
About the Zoom/SoftModem

The Zoom/SoftModem Model 0785 is Zoom's lowest-cost 56K modem. It is designed for use in new Windows-based systems assembled by system integrators. The Model 0785 is a host-based modem, which uses the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of the computer in which the modem is installed to perform controller and datapump functions.

Model 0785 includes V.44/V.42bis/MNP5 data compression and V.42/MNP2-4 error correction, as well as send/receive fax operations. In addition, the modem supports remote telephone answering machine (TAM) applications. V.80 Synchronous Access Mode between the modem and the host/DTE is provided for host-controlled communications protocols such as H.324 videoconferencing applications.

Each modem is provided with a license for a copy of applications software to support data communication, fax and telephone answering machine functions. A separate CD can be provided with each modem purchased for a small additional cost.

Model 0785 is an excellent low-cost solution benefiting from Conexant chipset and softmodem code technology and Zoom's modem hardware, software, firmware and quality control expertise.


General Features
  • PCI 2.2 Compliant Plug & Play interface
  • Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 95/OSR2, Windows NT 4.0, Windows Me, and Windows XP
  • Hayes compatible AT Commands
  • Auto Speed/Mode Selection
  • CE and CTR21 Pan-European approvals
    Data Mode
  • V.92/V.90 56K (Up to 56K bps downstream and up to 48K bps upstream)
  • V.34 (33600 to 24000 bps)
  • V.32bis (14400 bps)
  • V.22 (2400 bps)
  • V.32 (9600 bps)
  • V.22 (1200 bps)
  • Bell 212A (1200 bps)
  • Bell 103 (300 bps)
    Error Correction
  • V.42, MNP 2-4
    Data Compression
  • V.44, V.42bis, MNP 5
    Fax Mode
  • V.17 (14400 bps FAX), V.29 (9600bps FAX), V.27ter (4800bps FAX), V.21 Channel-2 (300 bps FAX)
  • Class 1 Fax Command set
  • T.31 class 1 FAX


  • ITU V.80 video-ready modem interface for support of point-to-point H.324 video over standard phone lines.
System Compatibility
  • Windows 95/98 Operating Systems with a minimum of a 200 MHz MMX CPU or equivalent and 32 MB RAM
  • Windows 98SE/ME/2000 Operating Systems with a minimum of a 200 MHz MMX CPU or equivalent and 64 MB RAM
  • Windows XP Operating System with a minimum of 400MHz MMX CPU or equivalent and 128 MB RAM
  • Microsoft PC 2001 Design Initiative compliant

32 Bit PCI Local Bus Interface

  • Compliant with PCI Local Bus Specification Revision 2.2
  • Meets PCI Bus Power Management Specification Revision 1.1
  • ACPI Power Management Registers
  • APM support
  • PME Number support

Packaging: shipped in bulk packs of 60 units which can be ordered with or without the applications software media. Phone cords are provided.

Software: A license for one copy of the applications software is included with each modem. System integrators can elect to purchase CD ROMs containing the software, or can choose to receive the software only as a master copy to be copied on the hard drive of systems.

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