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The Zoom V.34IPlus and V.34XPlus FaxModems

V.34I and V.34X pictureThe Zoom/FaxModems Model 2805 V.34I Plus (internal) for PC, Model 2836 V.34X Plus (external) for PC, and Model 2837 V.34X Plus (external) for Macintosh provide 28,800 bps uncompressed data transmission over conventional telephone lines, using the V.34 protocol and up to 33,600 bps with enhanced data throughput. The V.34 standard is the fastest data communications protocol approved by the ITU, the international standards body for telecommunications.

The V.34I Plus and V.34X Plus also provide 14,400 bps send/receive fax, and full V.32bis compatibility for connection to slower modems. They include a synchronous interface that supports the ITU H.324 videophone technology standard.

Bundled software with PC models includes: DOSfax and 01 Communicate! data communications for DOS and Windows® with Macintosh model: STF STartFaxing and MicroPhone LT.

About the Zoom/FaxModems V.34I Plus and V.34X Plus

The Zoom/FaxModem V.34I Plus internal and V.34X Plus external are full-featured modems that support both the international V.34 standard for 28,800 bps data transmission and 33,600 bps for enhanced throughput. They both support Class 1 at speeds up to 14,400 bps. Since these faxmodems also support the international standards at slower speeds and can automatically adjust to slower speed modems and faxmodems, they will communicate with virtually any modem or fax machine in the world. They are ideal for accessing on-line services and the Internet.

The Zoom/FaxModem V.34I Plus and V.34X Plus are designed for high-speed, error-free communications. The V.34I Plus and V.34X Plus use adaptive line probing and multi-dimensional trellis coding techniques to achieve very high data throughput and reliable connections. They can communicate at up to 33,600 bps with uncompressible data. When the data can be compressed using the built-in V.42bis and MNP compression, even higher speeds can be achieved. They also support V.42 and MNP automatic error correction, and MNP 10EC for more reliable cellular, transcontinental, and international communications. Since all these standards are hardware-based, all connections are automatically negotiated for the fastest speed and the highest possible level of compression and error correction supported by both modems.

The Zoom/FaxModem V.34I Plus and V.34X Plus also support the V.17 fax standard for fax speeds up to 14,400 bps when communicating with other V.17 compatible modems and fax machines, and at 9600 bps for most other fax machines. For many applications you'll find these products are faster, easier and produce results that are superior in quality to a conventional fax machine. They make it easy to "broadcast" personalized faxes to groups of people, to schedule fax deliveries when connection rates are low and to forward a fax with no loss of clarity. The quality of faxes sent with a Zoom/FaxModem is far better than the quality of those sent using a fax machine.

The Zoom/FaxModems V.34I Plus and V.34X Plus include a synchronous interface that supports the ITU H.324 videophone technology standard.* They support the complete Hayes command set, plus all the Microcom commands required for MNP operation. They are protected by ZoomGuard lightning and surge protection, which includes a SIDACtor® and other advanced components for much better protection than provided by metal oxide varistors (MOVs).

They are built in the USA by Zoom Telephonics, Inc., a leading supplier of telecommunications equipment since 1977, and backed by Zoom's outstanding seven-year warranty.


  • True V.34 (ITU international standard) 28,800 bps technology
  • Supports both the V.34 ITU standard and V.Fast Class (V.FC) at 28,800 bps.
  • Fully compatible with all other international standards, including 14,400 bps (V.32bis) and slower speeds.
  • 28,800/26,400/24,000/21,600/19,200/16,800/14,400/12,000/9600/7200/4800/2400/1200/300 bps V.34/V.FC/V.32bis and 33,600/31,200 enhanced data throughput data pump
  • 100% Hayes AT Command Set compatible, with extended MNP and V.42 Command Set
  • V.17 protocol for 14,400 bps fax capability
  • Group 3 fax, Class 1 (EIA/TIA 578)
  • V.42bis and MNP 5 data compression
  • MNP 10EC Enhanced Cellular Technology for reliable cellular, international, and rural communication with V.22bis, V.32 and V.32bis
  • Distinctive ring support. *
  • Videophone-Ready: Supports the ITU H.324 video technology standard and H.324 compliant software.**
  • Ability to manually force MNP 5, V.42bis, V.42 or MNP 4
  • Auto-negotiation of highest level of data compression (V.42bis, MNP 5) and error correction (V.42, MNP 2-4, MNP 10EC)
  • High-speed 16550 UART with 16-byte bi-directional buffer for faster data throughput (internal only)
  • Automatic Adaptive Equalization
  • Extended status reporting with 14 LED status indicators (external only)
  • ZoomGuard lightning and surge protection
  • Configurable for COM ports 1-4, interrupts 2-5 (internal only)
  • Dual RJ-11 phone jacks-one for phone line, one for optional phone
  • Audio speaker with software volume control
  • Alternate modem configuration storage in nonvolatile RAM
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Automatic self-diagnostics
  • Digital and analog loop back diagnostics
  • Serial ITU-TSS (CCITT) V.24 (EIA-232-D) interface (external only)
  • Automatic terminal to modem speed sensing up to 115,200 bps
  • Speed buffering/Flow control
  • Direct mode option (pass through data path)
  • Call progress tone decoding - busy, ring, and dial tone
  • Line quality monitor and retrain capability
  • Auto-dial/Auto-answer
  • Tone and pulse dialing - software switchable
  • Phone number directory (four 35-digit number strings stored in non-volatile memory)
  • Caller ID (external only - upgrade kit available; requires Caller ID service from your phone company)
  • Inactivity Timer - when set, causes hang up if no data for programmable time (1-42 minutes)
  • Automatic Speed Sensing - automatically adjusts to calling modem/fax
  • Extensive communication software compatibility
  • Seven-year warranty

Technical Specifications

Data Encoding
  • Enhanced data throughput - 33,600/31,200 bps
  • V.34/V.FC - 28,800/26,400/24,000/21,600/19,200/16,800/14,400 bps
  • V.32bis - 14,400/12,000/9600/7200 bps
  • V.32 - 9600/4800 bps
  • V.22bis - 2400/1200 bps
  • Bell 212A, V.22A/B, V.23 - 1200/600 bps
  • Bell 103, V.21 - 300 bps
Fax Encoding
  • V.33, V.17 - 14,400/12,000 bps
  • V.29, V.17 - 9600/7200 bps
  • V.27 ter - 4800/2400 bps
  • V.21 channel 2 - 300 bps
Flow Control RTS/CTS, XON/XOFF, transparent XON/XOFF, modem-to-modem
(DTE)Data Rates
"AT" Automatic Speed
Sense Data Formats
Parity Data Length Stop Bits
Odd 7 1
Even 7 1
None 8 1
Diagnostics EIA TR30.2 (Analog Loopback, Analog Loop Self-Test, Remote Digital Loopback, Remote Digital Loopback with Self-Test, Digital Loopback)
Operation Full Duplex over Two-Wire Switched Lines.
Automatic or Manual Originate and Answer Modes
Equalization Automatic Adaptive Equalization and Gain Control
Dialing Capability DTMF (Touchtone) and Pulse Dial, Programmable DTMF Tone Duration
Command Buffer 40 Characters
S-Registers S0 through S41, S44, S46, S48, S80, S82, S86, S90, S91, S95
Non-Volatile Storage
Commands Stored:
B E L M N P or T Q V W X Y
&C &D &G &J &K &P &Q &R &S &T &Y
S-Registers Stored: S0, S6-12, S14, S15, S18, S21-23,
S36, S37, S40, S41, S44, S46, S48, S95
MNP Commands %C &Q5 W \A \B \G \K \L \N
MNP S-Registers S36 S38 S40 S41
V.42 Registers S36 S46 S48 S82
Audio Monitor High-efficiency transducer
Terminal Interface CCITT V.24 (EIA-232-D) compatible
Female DB25 connector, 8 signal lines supported (external only)
Telephone Interface Modular phone jacks (two RJ-11 type)
Configuration Stand-alone (external)
Fits PC compatible slot (internal)
Power Supply Cube 120 VAC, 60 HZ input
9 VDC, 600mA nominal output. UL Listed (external only)
Dimensions 5.25" W by 6.5" L by 1.5" H (external)
2.7" W by 5.4" L by .75" H (internal)
Compliance FCC Parts 15B, 68
Underwriters Laboratory Listed (External)
Underwriters Laboratory Recognized (Internal)
Canadian DOC and Safety Approvals

*Requires Distinctive Ring support from local telephone company.

**Requires video camera and video capture support, sound card with microphone input, ITU H.324-compliant videoconferencing application, and the appropriate computer and operating system to run the application.


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