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Programmed OTP EPROMS

Zoom has surplus components that you can purchase in quantity at low, low prices. Unless otherwise specified, all are first-quality. Samples are available for pre-purchase inspection.

Minimum order of surplus components is $100; assortments are allowed. Email the Zoom Purchasing Department (purchasing@zoomtel.com) for pricing and availability.
Zoom Part Number
Sell Price
18017 ASSY, F/W, VFX V34 Call
18018 ASSY, F/W, 14.4IPC Call
18019 ASSY, F/W, VFP V34, Call
18053 ASSY, F/W, 14.4X MINI ACF Call
18064 ASY F/W, MULTILINE V34 Call
18065 ASY F/W, MULTILINE 14.4V Call
18070 ASY F/W, VFP V34+ Call
18096 ASY F/W, COD Z/G Call


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