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IC Memory Chips - RAM & EPROM

Zoom has surplus components that you can purchase in quantity at low, low prices. Unless otherwise specified, all are first-quality. Samples are available for pre-purchase inspection.

Minimum order of surplus components is $100; assortments are allowed. Email the Zoom Purchasing Department (purchasing@zoomtel.com) for pricing and availability.
Zoom Part Number
Sell Price
6149 IC, MEMORY, EPROM 27C256 -15 Call
6153 IC, MEMORY, 24C16-10 Call
6176 IC, MEMORY, EPROM, 27C256 Call
6189 IC, MEMORY, 27C256-12 Call
6203 IC, MEMORY, 27C512-70PC Call
6206 IC MEMORY, RAM 24C16 Call
6209 IC, MEMORY, RAM 32KX8-90N Call
6223 IC, MEMORY, MX27C1000-150 Call
6237 IC, MEMORY, RAM 32KX8-70N Call
6241 IC, MEMORY, RAM 32KX8-35N Call
6246 IC, MEMORY, 32KX8-70NS 300MIL Call
6247 IC, MEMORY, AT93C46-10SC Call
6252 IC, MEMORY, SRAM 32K x 8 Call
6606 IC, MEMORY, AT28C16, SMD Call


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