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Rockwell Chipsets

Zoom has surplus components that you can purchase in quantity at low, low prices. Unless otherwise specified, all are first-quality. Samples are available for pre-purchase inspection.

Minimum order of surplus components is $100; assortments are allowed. Email the Zoom Purchasing Department (purchasing@zoomtel.com) for pricing and availability.
Zoom Part Number
Sell Price
6016 IC, CHIP, ROCKWELL C1997-12 Call
6017 IC, CHIP, ROCKWELL R6642-26 Call
6020 IC, CHIP, RC96V24AC R6653-12 Call
6030 IC, CHIP, RC96ACI/U Call
6032 IC, CHIP,RC96ACI-D/U Call
6033 IC, CHIP, RC96ACE-D/U Call
6038 IC, CHIP, RC144ACI Call
6042 IC, CHIP RC96AC Call
6047 IC, CHIP, SC11046CN, Call
6050 IC, CHIP, 11054CN Call
6065 IC, CHIP, SC11011CV Call
6067 IC CHIP, R6644-17 Call
6068 IC, CHIP, RC144ACL Call
6082 IC, CHIP, 10464(15 OR 16) Call
6085 IC, CHIP, C1901-20 Call
6086 IC, CHIP, C1901-16 Call
6090 IC, CHIP, C1901-20 Call
6092 IC, CHIP, RC96V24AC/U Call
6093 IC, CHIP, RC96V24AC/U Call
6095 IC, CHIP, 10464-16 Call
6098 IC, CHIP, RC144ACI, Call
6100 IC, CHIP, R6628-16 Call
6107 IC, CHIP, RC144AC Call
6108 IC, CHIP, RC144AC Call
6110 IC, CHIP, DS2424AT Call
6117 IC, CHIP, RC144AC, Call
6120 IC, CHIP, 1999-15 Call
6121 IC, CHIP, R5562-26 Call
6122 IC, CHIP, RC144ACW Call
6123 IC, CHIP, RC144ACW Call
6134 IC, CHIP, RC144ACD Call
6138 IC, CHIP, RCV144ACL Call
6139 IC, CHIP, RCV144ACL Call
6143 IC, CHIP, RC96ACW Call
6146 IC, CHIP, RC96ACD Call
17001 IC CHIP, R6645-18 Call
17004 IC CHIP, R6653-16 Call
17005 IC CHIP, C2900-12 Call
17007 IC CHIP, R6653-22 Call
17011 IC CHIP, R6670-17 OR 21 Call
17012 IC CHIP, C3900-25 Call
17014 IC CHIP, R6670-18 Call
17015 IC CHIP, C3900-25 OR 57 Call
17019 IC CHIP, (R6669-12) Call
17020 IC CHIP, (R8298-11) Call
17022 IC CHIP, R6670-20/27 Call
17023 IC CHIP, L3900-25O Call
17025 IC CHIP, R6645-20 Call
17026 IC CHIP, C4000-37 Call
17026A IC CHIP, L1106-20 CONTROL Call
17028 IC CHIP, R6645-25 Call
17029 IC CHIP, C4000-13 Call
17032 IC CHIP, R6641-18 Call
17048 IC CHIP, R6664-12 Call
17049 IC CHIP, RC144PFE Call
17055 IC CHIP, R6645-20 Call
17056 IC CHIP, C4000-12 Call
17060 IC CHIP, L3900-55 Call
17064 IC CHIP, R6727-23P Call
17080 IC CHIP, R6674-16 Call
17081 IC CHIP, R6682-24 Call
17082 IC CHIP, R6723-13 Call
17088 IC CHIP, R6669-16 Call
17089 IC CHIP, L1300-12 Call
17090 IC CHIP, C5906-13 Call
17101 IC CHIP, R6645-33 Call
17102 IC CHIP, R6674-16 Call
17103 IC CHIP, R6729-12 Call
17104 IC CHIP, 11575-11 Call
17121 IC CHIP, R6683-19 Call
17122 IC CHIP, L6805-12 Call
17123 IC CHIP, L3903-59 Call
17124 IC CHIP, DP83903CS Call
17125 IC CHIP, DP83902AVJG (NAT) Call


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