Using the 4403 as a Repeater to extend the range of your wireless network

Zoom Model 4403 can be used as a Repeater to extend the range of a wireless network. This lets your wireless network cover more area, and it’s especially useful in a large or multi-story home, office, factory, or warehouse. Model 4403 typically reaches a WiFi device within 330 yards (300 meters) in an open field outdoors, and the area covered indoors depends on the placement and materials in walls and other obstructions.

Wireless Distribution Support (WDS) is key to the repeater setup. WDS must be in the wireless access point or router that originates a wireless signal the Model 4403 will repeat. Even inexpensive routers have supported WDS since about 2008, but please check your router’s specs to make sure. If your current router does not support WDS, you may want to buy a second Model 4403 as a cost-effective replacement.

When used as a Repeater, Model 4403 needs your network to be either in WEP security or no-security mode, since WPA and WPA2 are not currently supported by the Repeater function. (WPA and WPA2 ARE supported when Model 4403 is in Router or Ethernet Client mode.)

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