Wireless-N Router+Repeater+Client
Model 4403

includes Wireless Router, Repeater, and Ethernet Client modes


  • When used as Router, connects to the Ethernet port of a Cable Modem, DSL Modem, or other broadband modem for shared Internet access by up to 253 devices. Includes advanced firewall and robust wireless security.

  • Wireless Repeater mode can be used to extend the range of a wireless network
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  • Ethernet Client mode adds wireless-N capability to a computer, game station, or other device connected to the Ethernet port of Model 4403. This enables that device to connect to a wireless network, even at long range.

  • Built-in long-range wireless-N provides secure, easy wireless connection to WiFi compatible devices

  • 4 Ethernet LAN ports allow direct connection of computers, game stations, HomePlug® adapters, and other devices that have an Ethernet port.

  • Detachable external antenna provides high performance and allows connection to a long-range or special-purpose antenna.

  • Wireless data speeds are up to 150 Mbps* even without compression.

  • Wireless range is typically up to 1,000 feet (304 meters) outdoors. Indoor range varies depending on walls and other obstructions.

  • Warranty and USA support from Zoom, a USA leader in communication products since 1977

*150 Mbps is the maximum wireless speed derived from IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications. Actual speeds will vary.


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