We3G Hotspot + 3G Modem
Model 4520

  • Truly wireless high-speed Internet access!
  • Provides shared 3G Internet for up to 5 Wi-Fi® compatible computers, phones, iPad™ and iPod touch™, cameras, game stations...
  • Fits in a small pocket or briefcase, on a desk, or wherever you like
  • Works with AT&T® and most other GSM cellular data services worldwide. (Supports 850, 1900, and 2100 MHz UMTS frequencies worldwide.)
  • Integrates 3G modem, Wi-Fi compatible wireless hotspot, rechargeable battery, micro SD slot
  • Package includes AC charger and USB cable for flexible charging alternatives

The Zoom We3G is a truly wireless way to connect to the Internet. The We3G’s battery provides up to 4 hours of Wi-Fi active use, so you can put the We3G in a pocket or briefcase, on a table, or wherever’s convenient without the bother of finding a power outlet.

The We3G is a small device with LOTS of performance. Because it’s unlocked, you can slip in a SIM for any compatible GSM Internet service provider, a real money-saver when traveling to other countries. The We3G’s built-in Wi-Fi compatible wireless g/b router has advanced security and WPS for easy setup. Its battery can be re-charged from the included AC-connected charger, or from a USB port via the included USB cable. And there’s a Micro SD slot so you can plug in memory and then easily store and carry important files.

Enjoy the convenience of high-speed truly wireless Internet access! That means no wires connecting your Wi-Fi compatible devices to the We3G, and no wires connecting the We3G to a power outlet. It’s easy with the We3G from Zoom Telephonics, a Boston-based communication products leader since 1977.

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