7.2M Tri-Band Modem for GSM Services
Model 4595

  • High-speed Internet goes where you go
  • Unlocked modem with standard SIM slot
  • Fast, easy way to Internet access freedom
  • Works with GSM services worldwide – helps avoid roaming charges
  • Works at home, work, outdoors, hotels, airports, vehicle…

This mobile broadband modem provides easy, affordable Internet access almost anywhere.
There are 3 key reasons:

  1. This modem is not locked to a particular service. You are free to use the service you choose.
  2. This modem lets you plug in a standard data SIM card to select an operator’s service, or to change service providers as you travel.
  3. This modem works for all the popular frequency bands worldwide, to help assure Internet access wherever you go.

Enjoy high-speed Internet access at home, work, in a hotel or airport, outdoors, in a car, or wherever you like. This miniature modem is your high-speed wireless link to the Internet. Plug it into your Windows® or Macintosh® computer, or use it with compatible 3G wireless routers including Zoom’s.

This unlocked tri-band modem has all the GSM frequencies you need wherever you go worldwide, so it’s better than most 3G modems. Just plug in a tiny SIM card for the service provider you choose. Some operators let you get a SIM for prepaid service and simply buy as much service as you need. Some service providers also allow you to sign up for a monthly billing, “pay as you go”. To change service providers, you simply slide out one provider’s SIM and replace it with another provider’s SIM. This takes seconds, and gives you lots of flexibility. If you travel to a place where your service provider’s coverage is poor, you can try a different service provider. If you travel outside your home country, you can usually select a local service provider to avoid roaming charges and save lots of money.

This modem has a top download speed of 7.2 Mbps. Actual speeds also depend on the speed offered by your service provider in the area where you’re using the modem. Even if your GSM service provider doesn’t offer 7.2 Mbps now, this modem will work at that service provider’s top speed; and it will work at 7.2 Mbps if your service provider upgrades to 7.2 Mbps in the future.

This 3G modem even has a micro-SD slot for up to 4 GB (GigaBytes) of memory. Just slide in a low-cost micro-SD memory card, and your modem doubles as portable mass storage for carrying your important files with you.

Most important, this is a fast, flexible, easy-to-use mobile broadband modem for GSM service providers worldwide. And it’s produced and supported by Zoom Telephonics, a leader in communication products since 1977.


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