7.2M Freedom Modem for AT&T and T-Mobile
Model 4597

  • Frees you from long-term service contracts
  • Unlocked modem with standard SIM slot
  • Plugs into USB port of computer or 3G router
  • Fast, reliable Internet where you need it
  • Works at home, work, outdoors, hotels, airports, vehicles…

The 3G+ Freedom Modem lets you enjoy AT&T, T-Mobile and other mobile Internet services without making an expensive long-term service commitment. It supports all popular USA high-speed mobile broadband frequencies for SIM-based services, even T-Mobile’s 1700 MHz (AWS). (Most 3G modems don’t.)

In the USA you can sign up for service wherever AT&T or T-Mobile service is sold, including phone stores, leading retailers, and on-line. You can enjoy a wide range of Internet service plans, including prepaid and monthly plans. There’s no need to lock into a long-term service commitment, so you can pick the service provider and plan that fit you best.

When you sign up for mobile broadband service, you get a mini SIM card. You just slide the SIM into a slot in this modem, and you’re ready to enjoy the freedom of mobile broadband. Enjoy high- speed Internet access at home, work, in a hotel or airport, outdoors, in a car, or wherever. Your mobile broadband service works wherever your service provider has service.

Plug the 3G+ Freedom Modem into the USB port of your Windows® or Macintosh™ computer, and you’re ready to access the Internet. Or plug this modem into a mobile broadband router for shared Internet access from one or more computers, phones, game stations, or other WiFi® devices. (Zoom’s Model 4501 3G Wireless-N Desktop Router and Model 4506 3G Wireless-N Travel Routers work well with this modem, and so do many other 3G routers.)

The 3G+ Freedom Modem has a USB plug that can swivel. This makes the modem easier to plug in, and allows you to orient the modem for best performance.

This modem works in many countries worldwide. In most countries you will need a SIM for a service provider in that country, and you simply buy prepaid service as you need it. So when you’re traveling, you slide out the US-service SIM card and slide in a SIM card for the country you’re in. It’s that easy! The 3G+ Freedom Modem supports speeds up to 7.2 Mbps. Actual speeds also depend on the speed offered by your service provider in the area where you’re using the modem.

This modem even has a micro-SD slot for upto1 6GB (GigaBytes) of memory. Slide in a micro-SD memory card, and your modem doubles as portable mass storage for your files.

The bottom line? The 3G+ Freedom Modem is a fast, easy-to-use modem that lets you choose AT&T, T-Mobile, or another GSM Internet service whenever that service meets your needs. Best of all, the 3G+ Freedom Modem is produced and supported by Zoom Telephonics, a US communication products leader since 1977.


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