7.2M Tri-Band USB Modem for AT&T and other GSM Services
Model 4598

Unlocked Modem so you can easily choose  & change service providers <br />  850/1900/2100 MHz - Three 7.2 Mbps frequencies increase your service options
  • Slide in a service-enabled SIM card and you are ready to connect.

  • Fast, reliable Internet at home, work, outdoors, hotels, vehicles…

  • Top download speed 7.2 Mbps, top upload speed 5.76 Mbps. Actual speed also depends on service speed.

  • Great for international travel. Lets you easily change service providers.

  • Plugs into the USB port of a computer or a mobile broadband router.

  • Works with services worldwide using the 3 most popular UMTS frequencies, 2100/1900/850

  • Supports making and receiving voice calls using a PC with attached microphone and speaker, allowing voice calls and simultaneous Internet use even if you temporarily use your mobile phone’s voice/data SIM in the modem.

  • Plug this modem into a mobile broadband router for shared Internet access for one or more computers, phones, tablets, E-readers, music players, and other Wi-Fi® devices.

  • Micro SD slot for up to 8 GB memory (storage option)

  • On-board software includes Install Wizard, Connection Manager, Data Usage Statistics, Session Statistics, Voice Call Support, and SMS Text Messaging

  • Includes built-in settings for over 360 service providers worldwide for fast, easy connections

Software Screenshots

Screenshot 1
Home Page
Screenshot 2
Data Stats
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4
Call Settings
Screenshot 5
Spanish included

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