ADSL Bridge Modem
Model 5715

The Zoom Bridge Modem is an ADSL 2/2+ modem with an Ethernet interface to a computer or a router. The Model 5715 provides a very stable system installation with a simplified set of configuration options to ensure problem free operation. The Bridge Modem works with any operating system which supports an Internet browser, including Windows, Macintosh OS and Linux. The Zoom Bridge Modem automatically detects the ADSL network settings. The Model 5715 also supports the use of third party PPPoE client software to provide compatibility with the widest range of service providers.

For most installations, the Model 5715 simply plugs into the ADSL-provisioned phone line and uses the factory settings. In the unusual event the factory default settings need to be changed, an easy-to-use graphic interface is accessed using any Web browser software.


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