Model 5754/5654*

ADSL Modem/Router
with 4-port Switch

This versatile product provides a shared ADSL Internet connection for up to 4 directly connected computers or for a network of up to 253 computers and other devices. Plug the X5’s phone cord into a phone line with ADSL service. Then use its 4 Ethernet LAN ports to plug in computers, Ethernet switches, wireless access points, HomePlug adapters, or other devices. Setup is easy using any Web browser. The X5 supports all popular ADSL protocols, and delivers download speeds up to 24 Mbps. Best of all, the X5 is produced and supported by Zoom Telephonics, a communication products leader since 1977.

Optional Use As A Router

If you choose to use the X5’s router features, you’ll enjoy its flexibility, friendly user interface, and extensive features. The router features are useful for all the devices plugged directly into the X5 or linked to the X5 through a switching hub, wireless access point, HomePlug, or other network connection. Extensive X5 router features include an SPI/NAT firewall, Denial of Service attack protection, IP filtering, Virtual Server, DMZ, LAN and WAN access control, on line gaming support, extensive debugging and diagnostic tools, and much more. The friendly X5 graphical user inter face makes it easy for you to use your favorite browser to set any router feature you like, even from remote locations.

* The Models 5754 and 5654 are identical in all ways other than the four-color package design.


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