Model 5790

ADSL Wireless-N Modem/Router
with 4 Ethernet ports


  • Combines an ADSL Modem and a 4-port Wireless-N Router

  • Provides shared high-speed Internet to:
    - WiFi® compatible wireless n, g, and b devices including computers, phones,
      E-readers, and tablets; and
    - Devices with an Ethernet port, including computers and game stations

  • Supports up to 253 devices

  • Maximum ADSL download speed is 27 Mbps and maximum upload speed is 1.2 Mbps (3 Mbps for Annex M). Speed also depends on your ADSL service and your modem’s distance from your telephone company’s ADSL equipment.

  • WiFi® compatible 300* Mbps Wireless-N router has a firewall and other network safeguards

  • Wireless Distribution System (WDS) support for use with wireless repeaters

  • Works with all popular ADSL 2/2+ services, including Annex A, L, and M**

  • Broadcom ADSL and wireless-N technology enhance performance and compatibility

  • Built-in IPsec VPN Endpoint (Hardware VPN)

  • Supports IPv6 and IPv4 for powerful, flexible network addressing

  • Setup is fast and easy using any Web browser. User-friendly graphical user interface makes it easy to set any feature you like, even from remote locations.

  • Produced and supported by Zoom Telephonics, a USA producer of quality communication products since 1977

* 300 Mbps is the maximum wireless speed derived from IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications. Actual speeds will vary.
** Not recommended for AT&T U-verse service.


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