ZDTV™ Wireless Keyboard
Model 9005

ZDTV Wireless Keyboard for HDTV

For any Windows® 7, Vista, or XP computer with an HDMI port.

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Watch TV, movies, sports and video! Show family slides! See friends! Explore the Internet!

At last there’s a way to enjoy ALL the Internet, Windows Media Center and more on your HDTV. Just plug your Windows PC into your HDTV, then use the ZDTV wireless keyboard from the comfort of your favorite chair. ZDTV makes it easy, with keyboard hot-buttons that anticipate your every need.

Zoom Model 9005 Image
1. Media Center Shortcut
2. Media Player Shortcut
3. Internet Browser Shortcut
4. Magnify On/Off
5. Magnify Enabler
6. Mouse Left/Right Buttons
7. Play/Pause Button
8. Stop Button
9. Mute Button
10. Volume Up
11. Volume Down
12. Multi-point Touchpad

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