Cable Modem Certifications

Zoom cable modems work with all cable modem services in the US and most other countries that support North American DOCSIS. They have been certified by CableLabs®, the cable service providers’ primary test lab. This is the only certification required by most U.S. cable service providers. Most Zoom cable modems have also been certified by Comcast®, Time Warner Cable®, Cox®, Bright House®, and the small number of other service providers who require certification beyond CableLabs.

Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox, and Bright House have their own certification process. To see which Zoom cable modems that are certified and other information, please see below.

See certifications »
If prompted, enter your Zip Code, select your Download speed, and then click Find equipment.
On the "Compatible retail equipment" page, filter the results by selecting Zoom Telephonics under Brand.
Then find Zoom Telephonics 5370, 5341J, 5350, 5352, 5363, 5354, 5345, 5360 and/or 5341, depending on the selected Download Speed. (To see more than six results, click or tap the Show More link near the bottom of the page.) Note that models listed for one speed will work for all lower speeds.
Cox See certifications »
Under Brand, find Zoom. Then under Model, find the Zoom model of interest.
Time Warner Cable See certifications »
Under TWC Internet Compatible Modems, select the maximum download speed ("Download speeds up to...") for your Internet plan. Then find the Zoom model of interest.
Bright House Networks See certifications »
If prompted to Select Division, identify your location and then reload the page.
Under Brand, find Zoom. Then under Model Number, find the Zoom model of interest.

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