Cable Modems

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  DOCSIS 3.0
16x4 Cable Modem
8x4 Cable Modem
Maximum download speed* 686 Mbps 343 Mbps
Maximum upload speed* 123 Mbps 123 Mbps
CableLabs® certified for DOCSIS 3.0/2.0/1.1 Yes Yes
Comcast XFINITY® and Time Warner Cable® certified See approvals for other cable modem services » Yes Yes
Ethernet LAN ports 1 1
Ethernet supports speeds up to 1,000 Mbps (Gigabit Ethernet) Yes Yes
Supports IPv4 and IPv6 for powerful, flexible network addressing Yes Yes
Provides shared high-speed Internet for up to 253 WiFi and Ethernet devices including computers, tablets, handhelds, and smartphones    
2 year warranty from Zoom, a US company founded in 1977 Yes Yes
Expertly supported from the USA Yes Yes
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Zoom Cable Modems are CableLabs® certified.

Zoom cable modems have been rigorously tested to work with all US and Canadian cable services by CableLabs®, the industry's test laboratory. Zoom cable modems have received additional testing and certification by leading cable service providers including Comcast XFINITY®, Time Warner Cable®, Cox®, and Bright House Networks®.

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Stop burning money on cable modem rental!

Owning your cable modem eliminates modem rental charges, typically about $90 per year. Currently Charter®, Mediacom® and Cablevision® don’t offer any savings; but Comcast®, Time Warner Cable®, Cox®, Bright House Networks® and many others do.

Explore great ways to make and receive voice calls.

If you have a cable modem, how should you handle voice calls? There are lots of good options.

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* 343/123 Mbps is the maximum download/upload speed for 8x4 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems; 686/123 Mbps is the maximum download/upload speed for 16x4 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems.
Actual speeds depend on a number of factors and will typically be lower.

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