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Internal PCI and PCI Express Modems for Windows Computers

These 56K modems go into the PCI or PCI Express slot inside a Windows desktop computer. They include the latest 56 Kbps standard, V.92, and also include earlier standards. The primary advantage of these internal modems is that they go inside your computer, minimizing any clutter. However, you do have to open your computer to install one of these internal modems.


Model 3030 56K V.92 PCI Softmodem

This is a low-cost high-performance 56K modem that plugs into the PCI slot of a Windows computer. Because it is a “softmodem”, it uses a small fraction of the computing power in your Windows computer. It features all the exciting features of V.92, which are described here. It is Windows Hardware Qualification Laboratory (WHQL) approved and RoHS “lead free.” This product can handle 56K data, send/receive fax, and even voice mail.


Model 3035 56K V.92 PCI Express Softmodem

The Model 3035 PCI Express implements both V.92 and V.44 standard technology as well as older modem standards. The single lane (X1) PCI Express Card works in any PCI Express slot. This product can provide both data communication and send/receive fax to Windows systems.

Because it is a "softmodem", the Model 3035 uses a small fraction of the computing power in your Windows computer for the processing of the modem functions. The Model 3035 is Windows Hardware Qualification Laboratory (WHQL) approved.


Model 3037 PCI Express V.92 with low profile bracket

The Model 3037 is identical to the Model 3035 in features and has the same regulatory and WHQL approvals as the 3035. The Model 3037 has a low profile bracket for installation of the modem in a low-profile desktop computer.

Model 3025 V.92 56K-PCI Modem
56 Kbps V.92 PCI FaxModem

The Model 3025 V.92 PCI modem is a controller-based modem with a an on-board processor to handle modulation/demodulation (modem) functions. The Model 3025 requires a Windows operating system and uses the processor on a Windows computer to perform the controller or command functions of the modem. The Model 3025 supports V.92 feature enhancements including: Modem-On-Hold, Quick Connect and faster upload speeds. The enhanced V.44 compression standard delivers higher speed WEB browsing. Both V.92 and V.44 standards combine for an improved Internet user experience. The Model 3025 is RoHS Lead free compliant.

  • Browse the WEB at higher speed with V.44
  • Modem-On-Hold — Receive a voice call without losing your Internet connection
  • Quick Connect — Reduces connection time to your ISP
  • Faster upload speeds
  • Works with Win95, 98, 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, Vista and 7
  • Voice Mail support
  • Caller ID support
  • On board DSP
  • Advanced lightning protection
  • RoHS Lead free

Hayes Dial-Up Internal Modems

Hayes modems are made, marketed, and supported by Zoom Telephonics. Hayes has been a leading modem brand since 1977, and Hayes is known for setting the standard for Hayes-compatible modems. When you buy a Zoom or Hayes brand modem, you buy the best.

Model H08-15531 - Hayes Accura 56K/V.92 low-profile PCI modem

Model H08-15530 - Accura 56K/V.92 PCI Softmodem


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