Dial-up 56K Modems
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External 56K USB Modems

The right choice for most people.

External Serial Modems

For devices with a serial port.

Why should I buy a Zoom modem?


Zoom has been a leading producer of modems and other communication products since 1977.


Zoom designs high reliability into its products to help protect your investment and assure your satisfaction.

True Compatibility

Zoom products are extensively tested for compatibility with computers, operating systems, and Internet service providers.

Superior Technology

Zoom engineers high quality into the entire product,including the hardware, firmware, software, and documentation.


Zoom’s expert US-based technical support team is ready to help with your questions or problems. You can learn about the many support options, including help by phone or online, by clicking here.

Dial-up modems typically let you enjoy the lowest Internet access fees, and provide Web browsing speeds up to about 200 Kbps*.
* That’s 56 Kbps uncompressed times about 4 with V.44 compression.
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