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What is a LAN and why would I want to use one in my home?

A LAN is a Local Area Network. LANs are used in most offices to connect computers together so that all the computer users in the office can work together and share Internet access, files, and equipment (like printers). For the same reasons, a LAN is useful in a home with more than one computer. Until now, however, LANs have required special cabling and technical expertise that made it difficult and financially unattractive for the average home user. Zoom/HomeLAN solves this problem.

How do I install Zoom/HomeLAN?

Zoom/HomeLAN is an easy-to-install plug-and-play PCI card. Just install the card in any available PCI slot and plug it into a phone jack, just like a modem or standard phone. Zoom/HomeLAN has a second phone jack built-in so you can still plug in a phone or fax machine at the same location.

What do you mean by shared Internet access?

With Zoom/HomeLAN, it is possible for all the computer users in your home to share one Internet connection. Zoom/Home LAN works regardless of the type of modem (or other access device) that you're using. In fact, any connection that works with a standard Web browser like Netscape Navigator™ or Microsoft Explorer™ will work with Zoom/HomeLAN. Zoom/HomeLAN includes software that lets more than one PC share an Internet connection.

What else can Zoom/HomeLAN do for me?

With Zoom/HomeLAN everyone can share printers, ZIP drives,and files. Plus family members can play networked games together from different computers in your home.

How fast is 1 Megabit per second (1 Mbps)?

Fast! About 30 times faster than a modem. Even though office networks are normally 10 Mbps, they have to support many more people, so on average your Zoom/HomeLAN will be almost as fast as an office network.

I bought a computer that has "Home Phoneline Networking" installed. Will Zoom/HomeLAN network to it?

Yes! Zoom, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, 3COM, Intel and other manufacturers are shipping products that are HomePNA (Phoneline Networking Alliance) certified, so they can talk to each other or any other HomePNA compatible or certified product.

Won't Zoom/HomeLAN interfere with my phones?

No! Zoom/HomeLAN is designed to transmit its signal on a completely different frequency band than a normal telephone, so you can use Zoom/HomeLAN to communicate between your computers and use your phones for voice calls at the same time. Of course, to be connected to the Internet and make a phone call simultaneously, you need 2 phone lines.


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