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Multiline Modems

  • High-density multimodem device with up to eight independent, user-installable, hot-swappable V.90 or V.34 voice/faxmodem modules.
  • Uncompressed data speeds up to 56,000 bps.
  • Voice capable with DTMF and call progress decoding.
  • Group 3, Class 1 and Class 2 (33.6 only) fax.
  • Flash memory.
  • Security Lock Option—Jumpers prevent a user from changing any of the module’s configuration.
  • 3 LED status indicators per module, reporting Power/Busy, Data Carrier Detect, and Transmit/Receive; separate reset switch per module.
  • Phone Directory (four 33-digit numbers stored in nonvolatile memory) for each module.
  • Advanced lightning and surge protection.
  • Caller ID ready.
  • Distinctive Ring support.
  • Speed buffering/flow control.
  • Inactivity Timer option causes disconnect if no data for programmable time (1–42 minutes).
  • Rack-mount option–Two MultiLine units fit side-by-side in 2u x 19” rack.
  • Part Number 7994-00-41
  • 100% AT Command Set support, with Extended MNP 2–5, V.42, and V.42bis Command Set for extensive communication software compatibility.

Technical Specifications


Full duplex over two-wire switched lines. Automatic or manual Originate and Answer modes Equalization

Automatic Adaptive Equalization and Gain Control; line quality monitor and retrain capability.

Dialing Capability

DTMF (Touchtone) and Pulse dial, Programmable DTMF tone duration. Call Progress Tone Decoding ¬óbusy, ring, and dialtone. Non-Volatile Storage.

256 bytes per module Audio Monitor

One high-efficiency transducer for all lines Terminal Interface

CCITT V.24 (EIA-232-D) compatible; female RJ-45 connectors


Four or eight faxmodem modules standard; supports up to 8 plug-in faxmodem modules


7.75 in. W by 10.73 in. L by 1.79 in. H

Power Supply

Single power connector with in-line switching power supply; 25W input typical maximum with 8 modules active; +5V, -12VDC and +12VDC output.


3.8 lbs.


Two years


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