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ZOOM Products

OEM Modems

Zoom Telephonics, Inc. offers award-winning personal computer communications products that deliver outstanding performance and value. Founded in 1977, Zoom has grown to be a leading supplier of communications devices throughout the world.

In 1999 Zoom acquired worldwide rights to the Hayes brand and most Hayes product designs. System Builders can buy Zoom modems and other products as bulk pack products. Products may be marketed as Zoom, Hayes or as an OEM brand.

Model 3049 56K V.92 External Modem
External (RS-232) Controller-based

The Zoom/Modem V.92 External Model 3049 is a high performance 56K fax modem that plugs into the serial port of a computer using Windows, Macintosh, LINUX or UNIX operating system. The Model 3049 outperforms earlier V.90 modems by implementing both V.92 and V.44 standard technology. The V.92 standard supports modem-on-hold, Quick Connect and faster upload speeds. The enhanced V.44 compression standard delivers higher speed WEB browsing. Both standards combine for an improved Internet user experience.

Model 0785 56K V.92 PCI Modem
Internal PCI SoftModem

The Zoom/SoftModem Model 0785 is Zoom's lowest-cost 56K modem. It is designed for use in new Windows-based systems assembled by system integrators. The Model 0785 is a host-based modem, which uses the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of the computer in which the modem is installed to perform controller and datapump functions.


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