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Optima at Work

Hayes OPTIMA modems have a number of capabilities that allow them to service advanced business and data communications applications. Leased line support, access security with encrypted passwords, remote configuration and the capability to support FAX servers all make OPTIMA the right choice for business applications.

OPTIMA is also one of the few modems available today which supports Synchronous communications - indeed OPTIMA not only supports Synchronous but has a unique "Hayes AutoSync" capability which allows synchronous communications through a standard serial PC port without the use of special, expensive Synchronous adapter devices in the PC.

Synchronous communications involves a series of protocols that were originally developed to allow remote devices to communicate with Host systems such as Mainframes and Midrange systems, maintaining a constant timing e.g. synchronization between the two at all times. IBM was the principal developer of synchronous techniques such as BiSync and SDLC (synchronous data link control) and the protocols themselves are named after IBM terminal families such as 5250 and 3270. Synchronous protocols include interactive (3270 or 5250) and batch file transfer (3770 or 3780).

When used in its basic synchronous mode, OPTIMA functions as a synchronous modem supporting any of these protocols when attached to a synchronous port. When used in Hayes AutoSync mode, OPTIMA attaches to a standard serial port and operates in conjunction with software solutions from our developers who provide emulation applications for each of the above protocols. These applications have been developed for both DOS and Windows PC environments.

The beauty of the Hayes OPTIMA is that users can perform common Asynchronous tasks such as Email and Internet as well as Synchronous functions as such as PC to host/mainframe communications with the same modem, through the same communications port with no cable or configuration changes.

The applications stories listed below will give you a feel for how OPTIMA is used in Synchronous applications:

  • Federal Reserve
  • AutoSync2
  • Wal-Mart
  • BASF
  • AutoSync2
  • Target
  • USDA
  • AutoSync2
  • ADP
  • Trading Partners
  • AutoSync2
  • Houser Shoes
  • AutoSync2



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