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T-Mobile Mobile Broadband in the United States

T-Mobile Internet service is attractively priced, and can be purchased on a pay-as-you-go basis without making a risky, expensive long-term service commitment.

As with any 3G service, you should check coverage to ensure T-Mobile's Internet service is available where you need it.

The T-Mobile coverage is expanding rapidly. Hereís a good summary:

Please click on the link that reads: Check to see if the new network is in your city.

The WebConnect Overage Free Plan provides up to 5 Gigabytes for $39.99 per month, and the WebConnect 200 MB plan provides up to 200 Megabytes for $24.99 per month. Note that 5 Gigabytes is 25 times as much as 200 Megabytes, so the Overage Free Plan is the best choice for most people.

We recommend that you buy a Zoom Model 4597 for use with T-Mobile mobile broadband in the US. This modem supports all the T-mobile frequencies, including 1700 MHz (AWS). This modem is unlocked, so it can also be used with AT&T if you like. And its cost is good, much better than the cost for T-mobileís best alternative.

If you get a Zoom Model 4597, itís easy to order T-Mobile service. Go to a local T-Mobile store, and make sure that you bring the IMEI number of your Model 4597 modem with you. Tell the T-Mobile salesperson that you already own a modem that works for T-Mobile. (It even supports their 1700 MHz (AWS) frequency!) Tell them you just want a SIM card for their service and to order the service. You will typically be charged a one-time fee of $30 for the SIM card, and you can order a pay-as-you-go service while youíre in the store.

Youíll enjoy the high speed available from T-Mobile with the Zoom Model 4597. And youíll enjoy having a great low-cost unlocked modem, one that even works with AT&T if you change locations or travel to an area where T-Mobile service is not available. (AT&T service would be required in that case, of course, and Zoomís Web site describes service options from AT&T.)



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