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Zoom Voice over IP (VoIP)

Voice over the Internet (VoIP) lets you place free or lower-cost calls by using the Internet. If a call travels entirely over the Internet, it is normally free. (There may be a charge if you're using one VoIP service and you are calling someone using another VoIP services.) If the call is going to a telephone connected only to the traditional phone network, such as a cell phone or 'wired' phone, your VoIP service provider typically charges for that call.

VoIP also allows a number of phone features not available with conventional phone calls, like voice messages displayed in your e-mail in-box, click-to-call, and automated record keeping for calls made and received.

To use VoIP you normally use one or more VoIP service providers. These providers typically use a particular call-routing protocol. The one used by most VoIP service providers and WEB portals is an Internet standard called SIP. Zoom's products that use SIP do not require that your PC be on when you use VoIP.

A second protocol for VoIP is called Skype. Skype is a peer-to-peer protocol that is the most widely-used VoIP technology. Zoom's Skype products require that your PC remain on.

Many of Zoom's products have either TelePort™ or bridging between VoIP calls and the conventional phone network. These techniques have many advantages, but most importantly, they allow a single phone to be used for both VoIP and conventional calls. Both phone technologies offer distinctive advantages and they are most powerful when used together.

Zoom has been making products for voice calls since the company was started in 1977. Zoom is expert at telephony, VoIP, broadband, and networking. Because of Zoom's expertise and dedication to its customers, Zoom is the right choice for most people wanting to use VoIP in their home or business.











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