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ZOOM Products

Voice over IP (VoIP) and Dialers

Zoom has a broad line of VoIP hardware products for both Skype and Session Initiation (SIP) protocols. Zoom VoIP products include the following:

Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA):
Adapters for Skype plug into the USB port of a Windows PC. SIP compatible models plug into the Ethernet port of a router connected to broadband. The adapters let you use normal corded or cordless phones for Internet Telephone calls (also called VoIP). Adapters with bridging allow users to connect to their VoIP connection remotely from either a mobile or landline phone. Bridging also allows VoIP calls to be forwarded to a mobile phone or remote landline phone.

A single integrated product with: an ADSL modem, ATA with TelePort™, wireless router, firewall, and 4-port switching hub. The X6v uses the SIP protocol and provides superior Quality of Service (QoS) to maximize the quality of phone calls over the Internet.

Many of Zoom’s products feature TelePort, which connects to a phone line and lets a phone work over two lines: either a typical phone line or over VoIP. TelePort provides the safety of a conventional phone line and the powerful, money-saving advantages of VoIP. TelePort is a great way to handle emergency dialing (for instance 911 or 112), alarm systems and many other important issues.

Zoom builds a line of dialers to work in a variety of applications. The Model 24 and 26 dialers are specifically designed to work with prepaid phone cards. The Model 27 is designed to work in hot line applications where a single number is dialed upon activation of the dialer. Zoom incorporates its patented parallel technology into every dialer we build. Parallel technology allows a single dialer to work for all phones or extensions on a line.


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